Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 in Review: January

It's that time of year again, a time to reflect and look back on the year that was:  2010.  I will be kicking it off with 5 photos each day over the next 12 days.  It was a busy year and one that professionally was very rewarding.  I look forward to achieving more of my goals in 2011 along with a little more time set aside to relax and rejuvenate.  May I present, January 2010:

1.  We kicked off the year on The Web Files with an interview about the controversy surrounding the release of The Bannen Way.  Jesse Warren and Mark Gantt couldn't be nicer (or cuter) and they went on to win multiple, well-deserved Streamy Awards.  Check out one of my favorite interviews of 2010.

2. Despite my pasty white thighs, I cannot stop wearing this Deborah Viereck dress bought at Roni B's.  I bought it for The Bannen Way interview, but I also showed up in the dress at the Ghostfacers premiere and Fashion's Night Out event. Time to retire it from photographed events rotation, sigh.

3.  This photo is from the NAIAS Charity Preview Night also known as the "Adult Prom" in Detroit.  It's a super swanky night filled with cars, stars, interesting fashion choices, and a headliner crooning the night away.  
Me and 2009-2010 Toyota Account Manager, Lisa Cole:

4.  Ah, we can't forget this day:  The Great Cobo Hall Fire.  It was just an electrical fire, but the evacuation process was chaotic and the smell was even worse.  Jalopnik picked up the photos that I Tweeted out, so I gained a few more automotive friends in the process.  Here's my account of the fire. 

5. The other fascinating element of NAIAS is the rabid photographers that come each year to photograph the cars and the girls.  I have one photographer who has come year after year to my show and he made laminated place mats for me this year.  It was certainly the most unique gift I have received from a fan.  And no, I don't eat off of KB place mats each night, my blue Target ones work just fine, thank you.

Come back tomorrow at Red Carpet Closet where I look back on February 2010--Chicago, Club 33, and the infomercial streak begins.

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