Friday, December 17, 2010

What's Happening With The Web Files?

So, what is happening with The Web Files?  That is the famous question I get asked at every Web TV gathering.  Well, there have been a few false starts and there were two strong possibilities that fell through this fall.  So, the show remains in a holding pattern.  The Web Files team worked so hard for a year producing a weekly show from July 2009-July 2010 and now it is on hiatus.  My dream is to bring the show back for 2011 and to pair it with an appropriate entertainment site.  Also on my wish list is for the show format to be a short, snappy weekly segment, more along the lines of The Web Files Buzz which I think were some of our most effective shows in 2010.  Of course, there are always challenges with selling this concept; from finding the right representation to pitching it to the right people.  Since many of you are a part of this big web community, I am always open to suggestions or hearing your ideas either in the comments section below or feel free to contact me.  Let's get The Web Files back covering the red carpet and hitting the latest web series sets again in 2011!

To keep the momentum going, I was thrilled to find out that The Web Files was nominated for a second year in a row for the Clicker Awards.  It is such an honor to be in the Best Web Non-Fiction category alongside A Comicbook Orange, Epic Fu, and Coin-Op TV.  If you have a moment, please head here and click on the tab next to The Web Files.  You don't need to register, it's just the click of the mouse and as Clicker touts on their site, "Vote Early, Vote Often." Thank you again for your support, it is always appreciated.

Best Web Non-FictionClicker Awards: The Best TV Shows, Movies and Music of 2010

In the meantime, I am going to leave you with a little gift, The Web Files sizzle reel.  It is a fun compilation of the first year of The Web Files and it really showcases what the show is all about.  If you work in Web TV, you will see a lot of familiar faces and fun moments.  Even if you don't work in the community, I promise a famous face or two.  So, enjoy and feel free to pass this link around, maybe it will get in the hands of the right person to find a good home for The Web Files:

Editor for The Web Files sizzle reel:  Natalie Baker
Graphic for The Web Files:  Mike Ledin


  1. You could always try showing more leg. :-)

  2. Haha....Thanks, Mathieas.

    More leg? Okay, if that gets The Web Files up and running again, I can do it. #sufferformyart

  3. Okay, that would make a great promotion for raising money. The higher the total raised, the higher the skirt. :-)

  4. skirts are short enough. I don't need any help with that. :)


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