Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Year in Review: March 2010

I dug up some really cool photos for the month of March.  They each represent different aspects of what we were doing on The Web Files, so I am thrilled to share them with you if you missed them the first time around.  By March, word had gotten out that The Web Files was covering a lot of series and we got the chance to talk to a lot of creators that I admire.  Here are my Top 5 photos for March 2010.  

1. Kicking off the month of March, the cast of Elevator allowed me to interview them on set.  They are in their final season as I write this, so be sure to check out the hilarity that ensues in yes, an elevator.  Check out the interview here.  
From left:  Ben Pace, Woody Tondorf, me, and Genevieve Jones.

2.  I know this was the most unique on set visit we did all year: Olga Kay's Circus.  The short film directed and produced by two very talented ladies, Andrea Ball and Sarah Evershed, follows the true tale of YouTube personality, Olga Kay, joining the circus.  The result was a beautiful and well-shot film with cameos by The Beat Freaks (And if you follow Hollywood gossip, one of the members of the group is the girl that got punched by Demi Lovato pre-rehab.  Ah, Hollywood.) and David Lawrence XVII.  See the interview here.

3.  This is one of my favorite shots taken all year by David Burmeister at the premiere of A Good Knight's Quest.  The dress is by Deborah Viereck, the shoes by Guess, and the outfit was styled by Roni B.  Hair/Makeup created by Melissa Anchondo.  This was also the day that the Streamy Award nominations were announced, so it was an exciting night for the nominees.  Check out the red carpet interviews here.

4.  I always find that meeting actors you grew up watching on TV can go one of two ways.....really well or downhill very quickly.  Jaleel White of Family Matters fame certainly did not disappoint.  He was charming, smart, and ambitious.  His series, Fake It Till You Make It, debuted on Hulu earlier this year.  Check out the interview here and you will find out why I look so sick in that photo.....I had a bad case of laryngitis and I sounded like a poor man's version of Demi Moore.

5.  This photo is perhaps my favorite family photo all year.  I know it is unusual, but it is me and my then 10-year-old niece staging paparazzi photos in the lobby of my hotel in Atlanta.  Forget boring staged shots, I go straight for the TMZ shot. I think Julia has it down well, look at that tip of the hat to hide her face.  A star is born!

Come on back tomorrow for more photos from the year that was......2010.  See you tomorrow!


  1. omg what great opportunities you've been given - i love olga kay!! :)
    love your blog - check mine out? xxx

  2. @Elle: Thanks! I need to wear that dress again! Need an occasion to dig it out. It's really comfortable too.

    @Eleanor: Olga is amazing, sweet, and I am happy I get to call her a friend. Off to check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by!


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