Friday, December 31, 2010

The Top Five

I hope everyone has an incredible and safe time tonight.  As 2010 draws to a close, here are some Top 5 lists for you.  It's been a great year here at Red Carpet Closet. Thanks for being a reader and a friend.  Happy New Year!

Top 5 Most Read Posts of 2010
1.  Disneyland's Club 33:  I have a feeling this post will be at the top in 2011 too.

2.  Dos and Don'ts on the Red Carpet, The Sequel:   What?!  You didn't like Part One as much?

3.  Publicity and Web Series:  My most controversial post of the year, but it always draws in a lot of readers.

4.  Behind the Scenes of Mommy XXX:  Well, this focused on Sony's web series about an adult star, Demi Delia, raising two kids.  The series was shot in a very Osbourne-like reality show way and this episode was shot in 2009.  Demi started to manage the mistresses of Tiger Woods, so I imagine the tabloid aspect of this entire tale drew many readers here.  It is one of the most fascinating stories I have ever covered.  Read the blog, watch the episode, and I think your initial perception may change.

5.  Behind the Scenes with Taryn Southern:  This lovely lady had a great year, so I know there are many guys out there drooling over this smart, ambitious actor/producer/writer/host/singer.  If you aren't familiar with her, check out some of her work, she's one to watch.

Top 5 Most Absurd Searches on Red Carpet Closet:
These always make me laugh, misspellings and all!

1.  "Does (sic) and Don'ts for a Red Person":  Um, hmmm, I don't discriminate by color on my blog.  Anyone can mess up on the red carpet.  I guess you were looking for this post?

2.  "I want to see your peacock behind the scene (sic)": Okay, I realize these are lyrics in a Katy Perry song, but I don't write about Katy, peacocks, or Teenage Dreams, this is more my style here at Red Carpet Closet.

3.  "Kristyn Burtt piernas":  I rarely write about the crazy things people put in a search engine to find me, but I remember my 7th grade Spanish.  Thanks for looking at my legs, I think?  I am not going to direct you to the photos, instead you can enjoy me all bundled up at the State Fair of Texas.  Enjoy!

4.  "Rachael Hip Flores boyfriend":  Hmmm, I am not sure if Rachael has a boyfriend or not.  I will ask her, but here is my favorite story about Rachael in 2010 when she won a Streamy Award for Anyone But Me.  Well-deserved!

5.  "her choir robe":  As a lapsed Catholic, I don't have much use for choir robes these days, but I did wear one this year for the XBox 360 Kinect premiere. Was this the style you were looking for?

Finally, I was able to discover a lot of new blogs and make some great online friends this year.  Here, in no particular order,  are a few other writers to check if you don't already follow them:
New Blogs to Check Out in 2011:
1. Jenna Birch at Seven Style Notes:  She's 18, a strong writer, and just adorable.
2. Shauna Sever at Piece of Cake:  I gain 5 virtual pounds every time I read her blog.
3. Emily Schuman at Cupcakes and Cashmere:  There are lots of fashion blogs, but I don't think anyone does it better.
4. Elle Sees at Elle Sees:  A great overall blog, but her posts on throwing theme parties for everything from Mad Men to NYE are my favorites.
5. Indiana Adams at Adored Austin:  Probably the quirkiest and funniest blogger of the bunch.  She makes me laugh and I know she would be the kind of girl I would want to have a cocktail with.


  1. I am way honored! Thank you so much for the shout-out, K. I also love Emily at C&C...she is a fab fashion blogger, isn't she? And I love your blog as well. I am so glad to have discovered it, and you, in 2010.

    Now, here's to a lovely, blog-filled 2011.


  2. Happy New Year, KB! You, and your site, are terrific. XO

  3. LOL, Apparently a lot of Spanish speakers like your legs, so to do a lot of English speakers. :-)

  4. hahahah that was a very funny post! happy end to 2010!!!

  5. You know there is an old expression, give the people what they want! ^_^

  6. @Jenna and Shauna: Thank you for all the inspiration in 2010.

    @Steve and Anon: Ah, you make me laugh.

    @Leigh: Thanks for stopping by. Will definitely check out your blog.

    Happy New Year!


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