Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthday Weekend Fun

After a rough start, my birthday weekend turned out to be pretty fun.  I was supposed to wait until Friday to open my gifts, but I caved from the temptation and ripped them open on Thursday....or was it Wednesday?  Either way, it brightened my day and I have already worn my new bracelet and ring several times.  The photo below is my tribute to every amazing fashion blog out there.  What do I do?  Strike a JC Penney's catalog pose in the bathroom of Bouchon.  Blogs like this and this do it way better than I do.

Here are some other images from my birthday weekend:

Getting dressed in the closet:

Hanging with pals at the IAWTV Holiday Fiesta:

My favorite Nine West boots were the perfect addition to new winter blue sweater from Roni B.:

My neighbors make the best holiday cookies!  Thank you, Whitney and Chris.

Come on back tomorrow for the start of a fantastic holiday makeup giveaway for you!

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Photo #2:  Courtesy of Maria Timolat
Photos #5 & 6:  Courtesy of Brenda White


  1. happy birthday to your friend :)
    and i really adore your boots dear! wanna follow each other? if you dont mind :)


  2. You rock those boots! So glad you had an awesome weekend!!

  3. Glad your bday weekend ended up being a good one. I can't wait when it comes to opening gifts. I'm such a kid!

  4. @Diva/@MMTV: Thanks! I can't stop wearing them. It's finally boot weather in LA.


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