Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Top 10 Thoughts About The 2012 Golden Globes

Photo Credit: Esquire

The show is over and my Top 10 is up!  I thought this year was rather snoozy versus boozy.  Do you agree?

1.  Spray Tan:  When you are asked if you want a second coat, just say "no".  Oompa Loompa orange is not pretty and we witnessed it on too many last night.  Bradley Cooper, Matt LeBlanc, and Rob Lowe, I'm talking to you.

2.  Accessories:  Every lady will be sporting a sparkly headband on the red carpet this season and men will be sashaying down the press line with a Brad Pitt-inspired cane.  Even an injury can be hot when you're shacking up with Angelina and your best friend is Clooney.

3.  Please EAT, Julie Bowen:
This is Julie Bowen in 2012:

  This is a healthier Julie Bowen in 2011:

I ran into her about two weeks ago.  It (her scrawny body) doesn't look pretty in person.  Bones aren't beauty.  Sorry, Hollywood.

4.  Reese Witherspoon: I've called off the Baby Bump Watch.  She's not pregnant.

5. Year of the Actress:  I've seen just about everything this awards show season and I cannot think of a finer year with standout performances by women:  Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain, Michelle Williams, Octavia Spencer, and Tilda Swinton are proving you don't have to be 25 years old to get the juicy meaty roles in this town.

6.  Ricky Gervais:  He was funnier last year.  Less snark makes Ricky a dull boy.

7.  Sofia Vergara: I don't find her that funny on Modern Family with her non-stop yelling and yapping.  She keeps on receiving nominations.  I said her acting was one note.  A pal reminded me her acting is "two note".  Yes, kids, she's getting honored for her own Golden Globes.  So, while I might find her acting over the top and not award worthy, her dress certainly merited a mention here.

8.  Sarah Michelle Gellar:  Um.......color is always good on the red carpet, just not like this:

Credit: Steve Granitz/

9.  Lea Michele:  This is also a NO.  Look, Lea works a mean red carpet and everyone knows it, including Sarah Hyland.  Lea takes fashion risks, but they don't always pay off.  This was one of those times.

10.  The Truth:  If any of these red carpets during award show season make you feel bad about yourself, here is the truth.  Fantasy:  The first photo is of me on Thursday night with a spray tan plus an outfit assembled by a stylist, hair professionally done, and makeup courtesy of a makeup artist.

Reality: This is the REAL me and my pal Julie at our Golden Globes party in Detroit.  Feel good about yourself, don't let the smoke and mirrors fool you.

What were your thoughts on last night's Golden Globes?  Give me the scoop in the comments below.


  1. Julie Bowen.... you are right, she is TOO thin! In the 2011 pic she looks strong and healthy. The 2012 pic she just looks delicate and frail.

  2. I said on Twitter "Wonder how Sarah Hyland will humiliate herself this year. Last year it was the Lea Michelle debacle, the year before it was the Twitter debacle. That poor girl can't win." I also saw Julie Bowen in person recently and EWWW. Not okay. She looks like an alien from Cocoon. Otherwise, pink was the signature color this year, no doubt.


  3. Yeah, Lea Michele talked about supporting women versus cutting them down in my interview with her late last year.  I think she's right about that.  Plus, Sarah Hyland does love to speak before she thinks.  Oops. 

  4. Yes, I know she talks about exercising constantly, but she has lost too much weight.  She looked like a frail toothpick in the person a few weeks ago.  :(

  5. Love your recap! I have been searching for a good recap all day! 


  6. Julie Bowen looked so pretty!!!

    xx Julie xxCheck out our blog and do some shopping!!

  7. Really?????  With all of her bones sticking out like that?  Hmmm.......


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