Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Dress: IAWTV Awards

Well, that's a first.  I'm not sure I got a clean full-length shot of me standing on the, blue carpet. So, I cobbled together what I could for my post on my dress details.  So, here we go:

Stylist:  Roni B.
Makeup:  Aurora Nerone 
Hair: Candace Campbell
Colorist:  Lisa Cavalone

Dress:  Minuet, $47 (Yep, a red carpet look under $50, but don't forget to use your fashion tape to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.)
Shoes:  Guess, Winter 2007 collection
Bracelet:  Aldo Accessories, Winter 2007 collection.
Ring:  Roni B
Earrings:  Roni B

I think my dress color has become my signature color.  I wore a similar shade to the opening night of Godspell here and to a deeper shade to the Oscar Nominations in 2011 here.  I think it's time to retire the color....just for a little while.  I love it because it pops on the red carpet, but I am on the verge of overdosing on this look.  Nevertheless, I was very comfortable in my outfit at the IAWTV Awards and I wouldn't have done my outfit any differently.  

A big thanks to Aurora and Candace who put together my red carpet hair and makeup.  We haven't worked together before, but they did a great job making me look like a much better version of myself.  It was a wonderful collaborative process and I think they got the look I wanted down perfectly. So, if anyone needs any Vegas referrals, I have two great artists for you.  So, thank you to Team KB for putting me all together.  You know I couldn't do it without you.....

Photos Courtesy of Mingle Media TV.


  1. Really really LOVE the dress, KB. . And I must say, your makeup is outstanding.  Simply because your face is stunning.  You don't notice makeup, just your beautiful features!   

  2. Thank you so much, Little M!  Here's the crazy LA team wasn't available for the Vegas show, so I found a hair and makeup person over Craig's List.  You never know what you are going to get from that site, but I was really happy with Aurora and Candace.  Terrific artists who did a nice, natural look with a little red carpet glam.  :)


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