Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dress Challenge 2012: The Finalists

Okay, the day has come to let you know who the two finalists are.  I have ordered both choices and they will hopefully be waiting for me when I return home.  I have no idea which one will be the winner, so you will have to wait until Tuesday, January 24th!

The two dress choices are:

I talked about these dresses in two different posts here and here.  The green one is from Banana Republic and I love the color because it is an unexpected one for me.  I haven't worn a soft green shade to an event in ages.  As for the Bloomingdale's blue dress, I love the possibilities for accessory choices....a belt, a necklace, a hot pair of shoes.   So, congratulations go out to Eli and Ali/Julia, you are the finalists in the 2012 Oscar Nominations Dress Challenge!  Let me know what you think of the dress choices.  Which one do you think I will pick?


  1. Green. Great style, standout color.

  2. i think you'd look better in the green one, maybe not that light of a green- but that design would look cute- the top half of the blue one just looks too loose- its a nice color, and the slip is cute. but  if may come off as frumpy

  3. Honestly, I'm not a fan of that green for you. Unless it comes in other colors, I say the blue one.  Although it might be a little blousy for camera,  we can try a wide waist belt to smooth it out a bit.  The accessories options ARE endless on that one and you know we love that color on you.
    xo Roni

  4. I like the green dress style, but go for a blue. I think you would look better in a stronger colour. The soft green would wash you out, but the style is nice.

  5. I can't wait to try on the dresses.  As last year proved, the front runner does not always win.  Shopping online from photos proves to be very deceiving.  We will find out on Tuesday........

  6. I still say the Blue…


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