Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Dress Challenge: A First Look (2012)

The dress choices are rolling in for Dress Challenge 2012 and I thought I would give you a sneak peek at what other have selected for me so far.  I am seeing a color family scheme pop up quite a bit.  Let's start with the very first entry that came in and a color I really like because it is deep, rich, and something I don't wear often enough:

Bentoboxx selected this one and I love the raisin color.  It is by Lauren by Ralph Lauren and it is available at Nordstroms.  My one thought is that I might have to hike up the hem to show a little more leg, but this is a very classic design.

Next up is this Banana Republic dress selected by Eli and yes, Banana Republic was the winning dress last year.  I think Eli is going for a known winner.  This dress is available in four colors and Eli went straight to the Geranium Pink for me, but I think I like it in Fresh Fern.  I am posting both photos for comparison.  Which color do you like better?

Here is the final selection I am going to show you today, it is from a New Zealand fashion house, but I like the simplicity of the design because it can be easily accessorized and the Berry Red color is one I don't wear too often because red can be hard to wear on camera.  This shade has just enough pink in it, that it could work.  Thanks for this pick, Donette!

So, do you see anything you like so far?  I would love to hear your comments or see your picks for me for the Oscar Nominations.  Remember, the winner who picks the perfect dress receives a $25 gift certificate to the store of their choice.  To enter, read the rules here and enter the link to your dress here in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.  You have until Wednesday, January 11th to enter.  Now, get shopping!


  1. i love cerulean on you! but pink would be lovely too.

  2. I do too!  (And I love that you used the word cerulean!)  A few others entered yesterday, so it just made the competition a little harder.  :)  Hope to see your choices always have such good taste. 


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