Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Winning Dress for Oscar Nominations Day

I know there has been a BIG debate this year over which dress I was was going to wear.  The blue one or the green one?  The interesting thing is that everyone was drawn to one or the other and there was no in-between.  Those that were in favor of the green dress loved the cut and color.  Those that were in favor of the blue dress thought that blue was a better color for me.  Several were concerned that the blue dress would be too baggy.  That's the beauty of online shopping, you don't know what it's going to look like until you try it on.

So please, congratulate Ali and Julia for picking the winning dress from Bloomingdale's.  Yes, the blue dress won.  It fit like a glove and it was a fun dress to accessorize.  The green dress from Banana Republic was huge on me.  I loved the color, but I needed a week with a tailor to remake the dress.  That is the one caveat with Banana Republic:  if they don't offer it in a petite size, a regular size 2 or 4 is often cut more like a size 6 or 8.

In case anyone wants to know, Julia is 12 years old.  I think we have a budding fashionista on our hands.

The details on the dress:

Dress:  Aqua by Bloomingdale's.  (With coupons and Ebates, this dress was under $75.)
Shoes:  BCBG Girl
Ring:  Forever 21 (Also seen in this post.)
Bracelet:  Gifted from a Gift Bag long ago.
Necklace: Jessica Matrasko 
Belt:  Roni B (I wore this belt backwards..buckle in the back.)
Hair: Lisa Cavalone


  1. Stunning outfit ! This blue dress is absolutely gorgeous. And yes its true that blue color looks more good than green. I wish to have this one for myself. The way the belt is wrapped is pretty unique and the idea of placing buckle in the back worked well.

  2. Thank you!  I love this dress and I hope I can find another event to wear it again.  


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