Sunday, January 29, 2012

Calling All SAG Actors!

Okay, tonight is the 18th Annual SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards and likely, the last one with this name attached to it since both boards of SAG and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) have paved the way for a merger of the two unions.  I have always loved how SAG opens the show with various celebrities stating "I am a SAG actor" and The Hollywood Reporter often asks actors how they got their SAG card during their roundtable discussions. Well, it's nice, but it excludes the majority of us who represent the union.  I, in fact, am a member of SAG, but I am not an actor.  I am an entertainment reporter and a host.  We even utilized the SAG New Media contract for The Web Files, but I have had my SAG card since 1999 during my days in NY.  I'm thinking it's time we honor the little people too, so indulge me on this idea, please.

So, here's my fun project:  Tell me how you got your SAG card in the comments section below.  I will feature all of the stories at some point this week because it is fun to see what show, commercial, or industrial gave you your official union start and that coveted SAG card.  Make sure to include your name and the link to your website. And don't worry, I will be sharing my story too.  Stand up and represent, SAG.  Let your voice be heard!  Ready, set, go!


  1. i got to LA in march 2005, and started doing background work- it took a year, but i finally got my first SAG voucher, on a taco bell commercial for the "Chicken Caesar Salad Burrito" i was a pirate, and this was my first residual check as well. then a bunch of my friends were getting all the vouchers they needed on "Southland Tales" starring Dwayne Johnson and Stifler. i was able to get on one day of that. but wasn't able to get on any more SAG shows, until i was hired by a director to be his computer guy, and one of his assistants said "Anything we can do for you on the movie?" i told him i needed one more voucher, and he got me on for 20 days on the movie as SAG, once i had the required vouchers, i got a voice over job, where they said i needed to have my card, so i paid in full, got my card, did the job, and then 2 months later, the writer's strike happened. 

  2. I got my SAG card from doing an AFTRA commercial. Getting my SAG card was definitely THE turning point in my acting career - I was treated with much more respect by everyone, probably because they realized that I was serious about being an actor and the work I had done showed I was going to do whatever I needed to do to be a better actress. I started to get more high-quality auditions and book more high-quality work. After I got my SAG card, I booked my first co-star. That is why it is important to me to give back to SAG whenever I can. Thank you Screen Actors Guild. My name is Susyn Elise Duris and I am a SAG actor.

  3. My name is Brett Leigh and I got my SAG card working on "27 Dresses" and then a role in "the social network".

  4. I got my SAG card from a series of MCI commercials in the late 90s. Fun times as a commercial actor! You can watch the first one here

  5. I got my SAG card after filming "All's Fair in Love" with Cederick the Entertainer and Christina Ricci. It was a fluke! I went into filming as an extra, and the producer came to say hello to the extras. It was a risk, but I said; "if you are holding additional auditions for principals, could you let m know?" Unbelievably, he said "hold on". He came back and said "Sit over there by Christina and here are your lines!" It's amazing how a small question can turn into something great. The worst they can say is no. I have been auditioning and booking SAG work since!


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