Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emmys 2010: Part 2

The Emmys Weekend posts continue as I take you to the GBK Gifting Suite at the SLS Hotel.  This was one of the official gifting suites of the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards, so it was A-List all of the way.  I cannot wait to share the interviews from our day at the SLS.  Now, for those of you not familiar with gifting suites, let me give you the rundown on how they work.  It's a true VIP experience.  I arrived at the hotel, the valet flirted with me, complimented my outfit, and graciously guided me to the nearest Starbucks for my morning caffeine all within three minutes of my arrival.  Now, I'm not even famous or anywhere near even D-List, and that is how nice they were to me.  The celebs check in at the gifting suite area as they are paired up with a PR gal/guy who will guide them through the five rooms of free goodies.  The PR person is responsible for presenting the celeb to each table, for writing down the items given to the stars (Remember, there is a responsibility to the IRS for anything over $10,000), and schlepping a huge duffel bag.  The bag was large enough for me to crawl in and hide.  Most of the PR guides were female and petite, so they were trying gamely to lug the bags throughout the suite.  Trust me, they were heavy.  

So, the celebs are given anything they want for free.  New Invicta Lupah watch?  It's free.  A year supply of Tic Tacs in your favorite flavor?  FREE.  Wine, cheese, vacations, jewelry, and shoes?  All free, free, free.  The only thing they are required to do is pose for a photo with the vendor and their product.  It is understood that their image may be used in a magazine or on the vendor's website. It is sort of an indirect endorsement in exchange for free things.  Can you tell that FREE is the key word here?  Here are a few of the celebrities we bumped into at the GBK Gifting Suite:
Probably the most surprising attendee in the gifting suite, Joe Mantegna from Criminal Minds. I always think of Mr. Matengna as true theatre actor who isn't interested in the Hollywood game.  He kindly gave us a few good sound bites and he quietly went on his way.
Easily one of my top 3 interviews of the weekend.  Here's Kiernan Shipka who plays  "Sally Draper" on Mad Men.   I have interviewed her before, so we have a fun little rapport. She was so excited about her dress for Emmy night.  It was just as beautiful as she described.  Kiernan is an atypical Hollywood kid:  fresh-faced, engaging, and smart in all of the right ways.  I had a chance to speak with her mom and her grandmother too.  They are raising one lovely young lady. 

Kiernan on the red carpet.  Photo courtesy of the LA Times.

Neil Patrick Harris is probably one of my favorite actors right now. I even went to see his directorial debut at the Hollywood Bowl for the annual musical production of Rent.  Did he stop for interviews?  No.  Hmmmm, I kind of take issue with that because if you are willing to take free stuff, you can stop for two questions.  I would have even been willing to make them all industry-related versus personal questions.  Oh well.......

Kathryn Joosten was a hoot!  She speaks her mind and she had me in stitches throughout our entire interview.  You know Kathryn from The West Wing and Desperate Housewives, she is a two-time Emmy winner, and a cancer survivor.  Another Top 3 interview for the weekend!
All right, 30 Rock fans, here is Scott Adsit who plays "Pete Hornberger" on the show.  I joked about his new Invicta watch because I used to sell Invicta watches when I was a network host at ShopNBC. We had a good time making fun of my former profession.

Melora Hardin, who plays "Jan" on The Office and I shared a fun Emmys moment from 2008.  I had been in the bleacher seats that year and I yelled to her on the red carpet, "I loved you as Fantine in Les Mis at the Hollywood Bowl".  She gamely told me she remembered that moment which I appreciated whether she really remembered it or not.  
Sarah Rue is from the now-cancelled, Eastwick, and she is currently a Jenny Craig spokesperson.  She looks great and the plan is really working for her.  Um, I don't have much else to say as she was rather frosty.......you fill-in the rest of the story.
You never knew who you were going to run into. Every nook and cranny was filled with a familiar face.  As we were leaving, Judah Friedlander of 30 Rock pulled up in a Rolls Royce limo.  At first, it was an over the top moment, until we saw his mother step out of the limo and they started taking pictures in front of the vehicle.  He was treating his mom to a special day on the town.  It was sweet.  

Just a few snapshots of some down moments around the gifting suite.  If you take a look at that pink and white wall I am standing in front of, it's made entirely of pink and white Tic Tacs.  Pink Grapefruit is their new limited edition flavor available in September and October for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The best cupcakes ever!  Check out Stuffed Cupcakes for the most delicious cake filled with cream in the middle and just the right amount of frosting on top.  With 150 flavors, I am ready for this store to hit the West Coast.  In the meantime, they ship cupcakes anywhere in the US!

I promised you a giveaway and a giveaway you shall have.  I am giving away a whole collection of items from this weekend's gifting suites.  You will find a Heaven Simone chocolate brown scarf, 2 packs of Commandos (I bet you didn't know you needed these!), an amazing TheraPearl Eye Mask, 2 Elemis Moisture Melt oils, and a sassy bracelet from Crash & Burn.  All you have to do is comment below and tell me your favorite moment at this year's Emmy Awards.  Open to US residents only. Winner will be selected via Random.org.  Contest ends Monday, September 6th at 11:59PM PST. Winner will be announced at 9AM PST on Tuesday, September 7th.  

I'll be back tomorrow with Emmys 2010, Part 3.  



  1. Love this post! Kiernan is adorable, Sara Rue looks great and I love your outfit too! My favorite part of the Emmys? Hmm...I did love Edie Falco's acceptance speech: "This is just ridiculous. I am not funny!" It was sweet. Keep up the lovely posts :)


  2. Kristin!!! You are an awesome and beautiful host.. love seeing you on the Red Carpet.. bravo!!
    My favorite part of the Emmy's was the sketch with Betty White and Chris Colfer: “What the hell are you looking at?” ha ha.

    thanks Kristin for keeping us up to date!! xo

  3. the opening!!!
    love KS's pose on the red carpet. too cute! MM is my fave show.
    and 30 rock is one of my fave shows. i never miss.

  4. the stuffed cupcakes are amazing and i get to have them whenever i want since the store is in my town :)

  5. @Anon: I am so jealous! How many of the flavors have you tried?

  6. My favorite part as always was the dresses, the dresses and the dresses! The good and the bad!


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