Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Web Files: Tyranny

This is our penultimate episode of The Web Files with Sandra Payne producing and Perry Payne as our editor extraordinaire before they head off to other projects.  Even though their time is winding down, they still have assembled an amazing episode with the ambitious web series, Tyranny.  I call this "the show you should be watching." With incredible sets, a mystery as deep as Lost, and on location work in Europe, this is truly a series that deserves more attention.  And heck, they even have Bond Girl, Olga Kurylenko.  Be sure to check out Tyranny on KoldcastTV and then watch our Web Files feature with creator John Beck Hofmann and Director of Photography, Garret Baquet.

Also, today is the last day to get in on the City Slips giveaway.  It's simple to enter, just go to the Online Shopping post and hopefully, you will be the big winner tomorrow!

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