Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coach Poppy Project

An trendy everyday bag in the Pop C Denim Appliqué Glam Tote.  $278
I have always been a fan of Coach bags.  When I was a struggling student back in my NYU days, I used to window shop for the bag I might own once I was earning more than my measly Sony Movie Theatre cashier paycheck.  Yes, I was your movie cashier on the 3rd Avenue and 11th Street theatre back in the day.  I didn't get my first Coach bag until Valentine's Day, 2001 when my boyfriend at the time noticed the longing I had every time I passed a Coach window.  I still use that classic bag today and I appreciate his efforts towards starting my purse collection (addiction).  

Today, I am thrilled to be participating in Coach's Poppy Project.  To get the word out about their new collection, Coach is having a fun contest that will benefit all of you as well.  If you head to the upper right hand corner of this page and you will find a poppy pattern growing.  Here are two ways to join in the action:
A pop of color with the Leather Glam Tote in Persimmon.  $278

1.  Tweet using #CoachPoppy to make all of the patterns grow, or use my site's personal #hashtag (#RedCarpetCloset) to make that pattern grow.  Or you can “Like” the Poppy Project on Facebook. Try secret keywords. Be creative!  

2. Or how about a gift?  Look for Poppy surprises in the pattern on the upper right hand corner of this page. If you spot a Coach Poppy bag, it’s your lucky day! Just click on the bag for a special gift.  Who doesn't like free gifts?  
Every girl needs a Sequins Disco Bag.  Glam, shiny, and fabulous in Blue Jean.  $148

If you can continue using the #RedCarpetCloset in your Tweets, here's how we all benefit:  the site with the most tweets about the Poppy Project wins a $2500 gift certificate.  I will then go out and buy a Coach bag to give away on this site.  It will be a win-win for all!  

So, get out there, check out the Coach Poppy Collection, and tweet away!  Let me know if you find the poppy and receive a gift off of my site too. I want to know how many winners there are from Red Carpet Closet.  I also selected a few of my favorite bags from the collection.  Check them out in the photos above and let me know which ones are your favorite.  

The deadline is upon us and I will be giving away that fabulous pair of silver City Slips on Thursday, August 19th at 9AM PST.  Enter now at my Online Shopping post.  Good luck!

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  1. Coach is a definite classic !


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