Thursday, August 5, 2010

Online Shopping

So yesterday, I went shopping at Shop The Look. I started by buying a necklace that I had seen in Lucky and then I couldn't stop.  The good news?  I wound up buying six different pieces of jewelry.  Now before you go calling me Fancy Pants, let me add that I only spent $53.70 on my purchase.  Not bad right?  Here is my shopping list:

Gold Pendant Necklace:  This is the necklace that started it all. I saw it in the magazine and I imagined me wearing one of my maxi dresses accessorized by my new necklace.  However, it was sold out when I originally went to the site last month.  That's the one downfall of Shop the Look, the second an item is featured in a magazine, it is gone immediately.  If you are patient, it will be back in stock soon, so hang in there. $16
Flower Power Ring:  Hey, I don't name these things, but I loved the orange color and the price:  $5.20  It's the perfect splash of color to enhance any wardrobe.
Elastic Metal Disc Bracelet:  I love anything with a brassy, brushed metal finish, so this was a must have at $12.

Lady Like Necklace:  I am not sure if this will make me more dainty given its name, but I needed some silver and black necklaces and this took care of it all in one purchase. $18

Aphrodite Bracelet:  Listen, I know she is the goddess of fertility, but I just liked the design. On sale at $10.40
Sun Dance Stretch Ring: Perhaps my favorite purchase in the lot.  I love purple and big rings, so this fits right into my collection.  $10

Now, if you do the math on all of this, it adds up to over seventy dollars, but every savvy shopper knows there are coupon codes to be had. FREESUM25 will get you one item free with the purchase of $25.  Spend over $50 and Shop The Look throws in FREE SHIPPING.  Not a bad day on the retail trail with almost $18 in savings.

Be sure to check out the affordable looks at Shop The Look and see how you can update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  I'll be wearing some of these items on my next red carpet appearance.  Who said red carpet looks had to be expensive?

GIVEAWAY TIME:  I am a girl who loves to wear heels all of the time.  The problem is that I can't drive in them nor walk long distances in them.  One of the best solutions is City Slips:  cute, portable flats that roll right up into a small carrying case that can unfold into a useful tote bag.  Slip these into your purse, strap on those heels and away you go!  City Slips has passed along a pair of flats to give away to my readers.  They are silver and a size Medium which should fit sizes 7-9 because of the elastic back. Retail value is $24.95. So, here's how to win:  Comment in the section below and let me know what your latest internet find is. One winner will be chosen at random. Winner will be announced on Thursday, August 19th at 9AM PST. (U.S. Residents only.) Feel free to pass this post along to your friends.  I love having new visitors here at Red Carpet Closet.

**UPDATE:  Great Blog Giveaways has kindly posted my giveaway, if you are looking for more fantastic goodies, be sure to head over there. Tell them Red Carpet Closet sent you. Free stuff is fun!

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  1. The latest internet find I had was a chartreuse Free People tank top. It was on, they have designer stuff at a discount. I also got a coupon code and ended up getting the $40+ top for only $11.

  2. Oh gosh, I think my last internet "find" was a cheap textbook for college. I know, I fail. Lol. I need to do more online shopping!

  3. Oh the fact that there is a boatman Geller stationery tent sale is my great item on the internet that I have Bookmarked for sure.

  4. You know, I love when you can get heaps of jewellery at a low price. I'm bad at buying accessories, I usually never do!

  5. Mine is photo prints, I guess? haha

  6. My internet find is it is the best cheap textbook finder because it factors in all of your books, it's shipping prices and finds the best combination of stores to get all of the books with the lowest price. I always use it

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