Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmys 2010: Part 1

Oh, what a weekend!  I have a lot of photos to share with you and hopefully a few stories behind some of the interviews.  The interviews from Mingle Media TV will be posted in the next few days, but here's a head start on what happened this weekend at some of the pre-Emmys gifting suites, parties, and events. I was trying to put them all in one post, but it was too overwhelming, so here is the start of my Emmys weekend:

Reality Cares Benefit: Friday night I was at the Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive for the Love Hope & Healing Cancer Benefit.
With the band, Honor Society, who played that night.  They are cute, sweet, very Disney, and friends with the Jonas Brothers.
Max Adler from Glee.  Even though he plays a non-singing role in the show, Max revealed he was a member of show choir back in high school....sequins and all!
Patrick Gallagher of True Blood and Glee.  Is he looking at my boobs?
Guillermo Diaz from Weeds told me his favorite TV character is Mork from Mork and Mindy.  Here we are doing a little  "Nanu Nanu" on the red carpet.
Lots of web series fans will recognize Lauren Mayhew from Private High Musical.  She  couldn't remember who created her dress.  We had to do a little tag checking during the interview.
Okay, here we go.  Vienna Girardi from The Bachelor.  She was the host of the evening and I have to say, she is sweet and much prettier and softer in person.  I don't know what her career plans are in LA, but I think she got screwed with a little Mike Fleiss editing on the show.  I am glad she is away from Jake because I think he is crazy.  Yep, I said it.  Crazy.

Lots of goofing around on the red carpet with my producer, JD Piche, behind the camera.
The wardrobe rundown:
Dress by:  Born Crucial
Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman, Winter 2007 Collection
Necklace/Earrings/Floral Ring:  Roni B.
Smoky Quartz Ring: Rachel Zoe, QVC
Nails:  "Suzi Says Da!", OPI
Clutch:  Target Clearance Sale! $7.98

I will be back with more photos tomorrow and I have lots of good stories from the GBK Gifting Suite with your favorite celebs from The Office, 30 Rock, Mad Men, and Desperate Housewives.  I will also be doing an Emmys event gift bag giveaway, so come back and join me at Red Carpet Closet tomorrow!                          
   Photos Courtesy of Mingle Media TV and Kristyn Burtt.  May not be used without linking back to the proper sites.  



  1. Great post! Seems like such a fun time. I love your dress and rings...esp. the Rachel Zoe! haha...can't wait for more :)


  2. Thanks! It's tough to admit that I sometime shop QVC, but their designer duds are great deals.

  3. They really are...I don't deny it either ;) And who doesn't love Rachel Zoe?


  4. I love her fashion style. The . Way. She. Talks. Drives. Me. Bananas.

  5. your hair looked great!!!!!
    and love the way the outfit and accessories turned out!

  6. Thanks! I did my hair by myself that night. It was a last minute effort when my original plan was disastrous. :)


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