Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

It's that time to wrap up the week and call it a Friday.  This will be a shorter post since I have been on a job all week to kick off a new season of one of my favorite gigs.  I found out that my first location with be at the State Fair of Texas again this year, so expect a lot of posts like this.  I don't expect Oprah to show up this year though, but the food promises to be a plethora of gastronomic delights and aches.  Let's wrap it up:

Monday:  I spent the entire week in Huntington Beach working really hard and presenting on advanced technology for 2012.  Yes, I already know what some of you may be driving in two years, but it was really hard to focus when you had a view like this:

Tuesday:  The always inspirational and kind Mark Gantt was featured in an article by Buzz Edition about his journey with The Bannen Way.  The Web Files interview with Mark and his co-creator, Jesse Warren, was also a part of the piece.  Mark's story really is a fascinating one and a true tale of taking charge of your career and creating opportunities.  Buzz Edition article.

Wednesday: MoreWireLess sponsored by Broadcom continues to entertain and delight. (I'm hilarious at 5:30 in the morning!)  This episode features the crowd pleaser, "How to Connect a Bluetooth Headset".  Thanks for your continued support for this series:

Friday:  Don't forget to watch my Tuesday coverage for Dance Channel TV of the blink/drEam red carpet with all of your SYTYCD and ABDC favorites. I know you are a true dance fan if you know those show acronyms.  Let me know what you think of the video piece.

Finally, it's the beginning of Emmys weekend for me. I am heading back to LA to hit the red carpet and give you the scoop on all of the latest fashions at the parties and a behind the scenes look at those amazing gifting suites. What is it like to be a celebrity and have people giving you free stuff just for showing up?  Well, I will let you know, so look for that feature next week here at Red Carpet Closet.
Have a great weekend.  See you on Monday!

PS If you can't wait until my Emmys Weekend post on Monday, be sure to follow me on Twitter.  I will be tweeting 140 characters and photos all weekend.


  1. I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine...and you pretty much have the coolest job ever. Getting to go to the Oscars? How fun is that?! Can't wait to see your Emmy coverage :)


  2. Hi Jenna! Thanks for stopping by. I am looking forward to a fun, but busy weekend with the Emmys. But, boy, nothing can ever top the Oscars. It is an amazing experience! Have a great weekend. :) kb

  3. You too! Have the best time :) I will definitely be checking back on Monday for updates...added you to my reading list as well.

    Looking forward to more!


    Yes, I did put the link to your blog in my previous post...copying and pasting gets the best of me sometimes. Ha! Talk soon!

  4. Thanks, Jenna. One event down and many more to go. It's an endurance race, not only for me, but also my wardrobe.


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