Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emmys 2010: Part 3

Hey Everyone! Today we are off to visit our last gifting suite sponsored by Reality Cares.  I will tell you that we stumbled upon an interesting mix of celebs at this venue.  Now, I left you  at the SLS Hotel in West Hollywood yesterday.  After we finished at the SLS, we ventured over to The Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills.  This party was happening on the penthouse rooftop, it was hot, sunny, and the drinks were flowing.  I walked away from this one a little buzzed, a little sunburned, and with a nice bag of gifts.  Let's see who I ran into here:
Carolyn Hennesy of Cougar Town and General Hospital.

Now Carolyn and I go way back.  Seriously.  Back to the turn of the century "in the year 2000" (That's for all of the CoCo fans out there.), we met when my boyfriend at the time was doing a play with her at the Sacred Fools Theatre.  Carolyn is a tremendous talent and she has a career that most actors would envy.  It was fantastic to run into her again and I already warned my now ex-boyfriend that he was discussed on-camera. He has nothing to fear though, he's a nice guy.
Bob Guiney of GSN Live, Band from TV, and The Bachelor.
I am always guilty of name-dropping in interviews.  I have no shame.  I find that it makes the person your interviewing a bit more comfortable and trusting of you if you have some friends in common.  Two fellow entertainment reporters and hosts, Melissa Rowley and Jeff Rago, recently interviewed Bob Guiney for their show, In Bed With, on Mingle Media TV.  Bob is one of the nicest guys you may ever meet.  He's a great interview and he gamely answered the truth behind the hooking up with 5.5 girls (Don't believe everything Mike Fleiss tells you on 20/20.) on The Bachelor question for Jeff and Melissa.  I took the opportunity to tease him about it and he ran with it.  My kind of guy!
I look like I am going to bite Bob.  I must have been hungry.

Verne Troyer AKA Mini Me.
We were milling around the gifting suite when all of a sudden someone flashes by me in a scooter.  It was Verne Troyer!  Score!  He was posing for photos and he happily agreed to an interview.  He is tiny.  Not just tiny, but tiny, tiny.  I had to sit on my knees to interview him in his scooter. I asked him a few Emmy/TV questions.  While he revealed he didn't own a TV, he still scored points with me when he admitted that the Fonz was one of his favorite TV characters.  Seriously, who doesn't love the Fonz? 
Verne Troyer with Todd Michael Krim of Reality Cares.  This gives you an idea of how tiny Verne is.
Charlie Saxton from the HBO show, Hung.
If you are an HBO fan like me, you know that Hung precedes Entourage each and every week.  So, when we ran into Charlie Saxton as we were leaving the SLS Hotel, I told him how much I loved the show.  Fast forward to the Luxe Hotel about two hours later and we run into him again.  That means it is time for an interview!  Charlie is definitely older than the high school teen he plays on Hung, but he is really cute and sweet. We talked about filming in Detroit (Ah, did you know the show was shot in Michigan?) and I gave him a tip on the best barbeque in D-town, Slows.  It may not be in the best neighborhood, but it is worth the trip.  

Finally, a few photos from in and around the Reality Cares gifting suite where I somehow found my way into a photo booth. Yeah, I might have a cocktail in my hand on the job......oops!

The amazing view from atop the penthouse at The Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

If you missed Part 1 and 2 of my Emmys weekend, you can find them here and here.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for FREE stuff from some of the Emmys gifting suites.  I don't like complicated entries.  You don't have to subscribe here, or join there, or even try for extra entries.  I just want you to enjoy my blog and enter if you want a chance to win.  Head on over here before Monday, September 6th at 11:59 PM for a chance to win.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Join me tomorrow at Red Carpet Closet for some hot photos with one of my favorite TV hosts.   

Just a reminder that all photos are property of Mingle Media TV and Kristyn Burtt.  They cannot be used without my permission.


  1. Another fabulous post. That was quite the mix of celebs! Will we get to see any video? Love the photos as well...thanks for sharing :)


  2. Yes, my editor is working hard at getting all of the videos up. I have the easy fun part of the job, he has all of the work to do once the events are over. I will post them as soon as they are out.

    And yes, quite a hodge podge of celebs that day.


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