Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scenes from a 3-Hour Delay at Burbank Airport

Oh, you know it isn't going to be a good travel day when you are in the Super Shuttle on your way to the airport and American Airlines gives you a call.  "Your 11:55 AM flight is delayed until 2:15 PM."  Um, it would have been nice if I had this information BEFORE I LEFT THE HOUSE.  That delay turned into an eventual 3PM departure.  Okay, so I parked my butt at Starbucks for the free WiFi and here is the result in photos:
It all started with me taking pictures of my Kelsi Dagger bronze sandals.
And then a cheese/cracker/fruit plate with Green Tea at Starbucks.
Reading the tabloids online. Yep, J. Lo and Steven Tyler are the new judges on AI.  Worst kept secret in the industry.  Yawn.
I was so bored I utilized my Photo Booth on my MacBook.
I'm quite bored, but I do like my new $10 hat even if my BF calls me "Strawberry Shortcake".
Oops, not enough barrier cream during my Versa Spray Tan yesterday.  
Relaxing outside of Burbank Airport since I still have 2 hours to go.
Oh look, an airplane.  It's too bad TWA is defunct, I bet they could have gotten me to Dallas faster than American Airlines.
I promised, promised, promised myself I wouldn't buy this week's People.  I don't care about Kate Gosselin, her tummy tuck or her bikini.  Boredom rules, I bought it.  Darn.
Thank goodness for Plants v. Zombies for carrying me through the last hour of my flight delay. 
Well, I made it!  Dallas, Texas.  My home for the next 24 days.
Get ready, because my posts are going to be deep-fried fantastic.  My show begins Friday, so get ready for some Texan-sized fun!

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