Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Web Series Wednesday

It's been awhile since I posted about Web TV, but here is my contribution in helping Web Series Wednesday make a comeback.  I am working hard in Dallas for the month, but I will be diving back into the web series world when I return.  I don't have an official announcement for you yet, but stay tuned......

In the meantime, I was working hard on set on a few productions before I left the LA area.  In fact, the night before I left, I was on set with the team behind the new web series, Squaresville, about two nerdy gals struggling to achieve their dreams in their small town, written and directed by Matt Enlow.  Matt kindly squeezed in the shoot to accommodate my crazy schedule, so I could play a reporter., a reporter?  Typecasting!  Be sure to support Squaresville on Facebook and Twitter to follow the progress on the series.  I can't wait to see the rest of the series, because I only know how my small part unfolds in the story.  Here are a few photos from my night on set:
Shooting my scene
Deep in thought........
I even look intense sitting off to the sides.  Director/Creator, Matt Enlow, even looks intensely at his iPad.  We were focused!

Earlier in the month, I also made a split-second cameo in the upcoming web series, The Unemployment of Danny London, from creator, Doug Cwiak.  I was thrilled to help Doug out on the shoot since he had been instrumental in helping my crew with several shoots of The Web Files like our interview with comedian, Gary Valentine , and my favorite episode, Backyard FX.  His show looks at trials and tribulations of being unemployed and I have a feeling that he will have many viewers who can relate in this current economy.  Check out their Facebook and Twitter page to learn more about the upcoming show.  

Hanging with the cast of The Unemployment of Danny London.  You might recognize a face or two if you are a web series fan.

Finally, our last episode of Season 1 of The Web Files featured an incredibly ambitious show called, Tyranny.  It continues to be in the Top 5 Most Watched Shows on KoldcastTV.  I hope you have an opportunity to check it out because it has the mystery of Lost with the intensity of the Jason Bourne movies, and a dash of James Bond. (They really do have a Bond girl in the series, Olga Kurylenko, of Quantum of Solace.)  They shot the exteriors a few years ago in Europe, but the interiors are done in a loft in Koreatown in Los Angeles.  It's amazing how every nook and cranny is used as a new set for the series.  Creator, John Beck Hofmann, has stretched a micro-budget to create a big budget feel.  Here are a few behind the scenes photos along with the Tyranny interview. 
Hanging on one of the many Tyranny sets with creator, John Beck Hofmann and Director of Photography, Garret Baquet, after the shoot.

                                   Oh boy, that's one crazy contraption!  Here I am, trying on a prop from the series.  

And the interview: 

Check Tyranny out on Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date on the latest news.  

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Web Series Wednesday.  Be sure to help the Web TV industry grow by supporting your favorite show on the web!

Photos 1-4 courtesy of Squaresville.
Photo 5 courtesy of Doug Cwiak
Photo 6-7 property of Kristyn Burtt


  1. Awesome, girl! I think you might be busier than me...feel like I haven't had a chance to read blogs, lately. I'm catching up :) Talk soon!


  2. I hope school is going well! Congrats on your new, new blog! :)


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