Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cleaning Out My Closet

It's that time of year, seasons change, and I clean out my closet.  With awards season just around the corner, I will have a whole new set of dresses and accessories crowding my two walk-in closets.  Yes, I have commandeered both big closets in our house.  My BF gets 1/4 of the entire space.  Ladies, you understand!

So, I am going to try this for fun and see if anyone is interested.  I am going to post five photos of a few pieces I am getting rid of in my closet, some of them even have the tags still on.  It's the joy of working in TV, sometimes you get free wardrobe.  Normally, I would post these on Ebay, but I am a little tired of the fees.  Take a look, see if you like anything, hit the Contact Tab or Comments section if you have any questions, and make me an offer.  Yep, I am letting you set the price.  I will take all reasonable offers and I will ship it to you for FREE in the US.  We can do the financial exchange via PayPal for everyone's safety and security. Finally, all items have been dry-cleaned.  Happy Shopping!
Long red jacket by Zion
Okay, this piece was custom built by Zion for show wardrobe.  I own two of these, so I am keeping one and selling the other because it is the perfect fall piece to brighten up the neutral basics in your wardrobe.
Here are the details:

Size: 2 (Could also fit a Size 4.)
Brand:  Zion
Length:  27"
Gorgeous red jacket with shiny silver button accents.  Two exterior pockets and a handy belt to accentuate your waist.  The jacket is lined and the exterior material is a textured cotton.

Brightly colored top by L.K. Collection
Don't be scared of this shirt.  It is actually beautiful and flowing on and it looks great with a brightly colored tank top underneath.  I wore it once for an episode of The Web Files, but the tags are still on it.  I wore it for an hour, that's it.  It retailed for $184.  Here are the details:

NEW with Tags
Originally $184 retailby L.K. Collection 

Size Small
Length: 24"
Waist: will fit up to a 29" waist as it is adjustable with ties and inner buttons.
Gorgeous, 100% Silk Blouse. Multi-colored: turquoise, hot pink, yellow, purple. Light beading at the waistline with braiding and 3 tie wrap waist.  Silk wrapped buttons all the way up the shirt with billowy sleeves. It is lightweight and perfect matched with jeans, linen pants, or a skirt. For those of you who love a comfort fit, it is designed similar to a wrap dress.

New with tags, a gorgeous Old Navy maxi dress.

This was a dress that I really, really, really wanted to work and it just looked wrong, wrong, wrong on my body.  For some reason, I don't look great in maxi dresses.  This dress is brand new with tags and deserves a good home.

New with Tags (Price is ripped off, so I don't have the original price. It's Old Navy, so we know it is affordable.)
Size:  Small
Length:  42"
Waist:  Should fit up to a 29" waist due to the billowy design.
Stunning black and white print maxi dress that is fully lined.  It has a thin black sash that creates an empire waist for a nice accent.  This is a great dress for the right person.
Laundry dress by Shelli Segal

I have worn this dress on camera way too many times.  You can see the two events here:  the premiere of Beverly Hills Chihuahua and one of my favorite red carpet evenings of my career, the TV Academy's Father's Day Salute to TV Dads.  I loved wearing it with my yellow Aldo shoes and it's an easy, breezy dress that can transition from day to night.
Size:  4 Petite
Length: 32"
Empire Waist:  26"
Material:  96% Polyester, 4% Spandex
This dress has a white and navy blue pattern and it is so comfortable as a piece that can transition from day to night.  Cap sleeves, a plunging V-neck, and a great dress to accessorize with jewelry, shoes, and belts.

Custom-made Zion red silk blouse.
This is another piece that was custom made for a corporate show which means it is in great shape.  Again, I own two of these shirts, so I am keeping one and selling the other.  
Size: 2
Length:  23"
Beautiful French cuffs, 5-button silk blouse that can easily be accessorized with a chunky belt.  This is for the gal who wants to stylize their corporate look.  

Remember to hit me up with any comments, questions, concerns, or offers.  If this experiment works, I will do it again.  My closet needs a lot of cleaning.  


  1. Thanks, it is a great jacket for fall!

  2. Thank you! It helps it when a lot of your wardrobe is given to you after a shoot. I couldn't afford it all otherwise. :)


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