Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tiffany Leather Collection

I am an accessories girl:  belts, shoes, bags, and costume jewelry are my weaknesses.  I try and stay on budget and look for affordable pieces to add to my wardrobe.  From time to time, there is a budget-busting collection that catches my eye and sends me into covet overdrive.  This fall, it is the Tiffany Leather Collection designed by Richard Lambertson and John Truex.  Their new line of bags and clutches is divine, classic, clean, and a timeless work of art.  Take a look at the highlights and let me know what you think.  I picked out some of my favorites and I am starting to save my pennies now for a rainy day Tiffany fund.
Savoy Clutch $995 (Tiffany Blue!!)
Reversible Tote.  Small:  $395,  Large:  $595

Tiffany Bracelet Bag $795
Isabelle Clutch $1275.  Perhaps my favorite piece and, of course, the biggest price tag.  Sigh.
Holly Clutch $595

Finally, a big thanks to Jenna of Seven Style Notes for listing Red Carpet Closet as one of her Top 12 Favorite Blogs.  Thanks, Jenna.  Now, go show Jenna some love and catch up on her latest posts.  I will be working in Texas the next 24 days, so we are going to have a lot of fun with fashion, food, and flavor.  Texas is all about going big or going home, so come back y'all for my Longhorn adventure.  

All photos are property of Tiffany & Co.  


  1. Do you gals know how much money you would save if you would just throw your stuff in an ol' potato sack in lieu of buying expensive purses. I mean really, what doesn't go with burlap?

  2. gorgeous! love those clutches ;)

  3. @Mathieas I wouldn't do burlap, but I wish I coveted more affordable purses. :)

    @Olivia Thanks for stopping by! I am a huge fan of the clutches as well. You have good taste.

  4. love the blue cluthes


  5. The Tiffany's ad in the New York Times is always my favorite page.

  6. @lonelypond I agree their designs are impeccable whether it is an ad, a piece of jewelry, or a clutch. Now, if only the prices would be a bit more affordable. LOL.

  7. I think if Tiffany + affordable are ever mentioned together, people get fired. But it is fun to browser + window shop.

  8. Yes, I think that is a part of the whole Tiffany's mystique: window shopping.


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