Monday, May 16, 2011

New Orleans, Round 2

Me and Mdme. Gilot

Oh, what a weekend!  I travelled back to New Orleans after the city had me captivated after a work trip in March.  I went back to meet the artist who created the serigraph I purchased on my first trip, Madame Françoise Gilot.  She's the well-known muse and student of Picasso, mother of two of his children, author, and wife of (the now deceased) Dr. Jonas Salk.  That's a lot to pack in a lifetime, but it was an incredible opportunity for me to be in her presence as a guest of the Vincent Mann Gallery for her show: Françoise Gilot and the figure.

I smell lots of old Louisiana money in this room.....

There was an incredible energy in the room as collectors had travelled from different states to meet her, see the collection, and purchase new pieces for their portfolios.  In fact, I added another piece to my very, very small collection, but I was amazed at the credit cards flying at this show for some impressive amounts.  Oh, to be rich.  I saw one gentleman in seersucker suit and bow tie sign a credit card slip for an amount some of us earn in a year.  My mouth was agape.

The piece I bought, Mother and Child.  It is an artist's proof and I love that I managed to grab the piece before someone else did.  They were good sports about it too.  Ah, Southern chivalry lives on.  Below is the original.....

The original is even more divine, but it is way out of my price range.......

When it was my turn to meet Mdme. Gilot, I babbled about how I loved the first piece I bought and why I bought it.  She mentioned that the connection was ironic given the fact that the piece was created for a Beverly Hills event, so the piece actually went back home where it belongs.  I loved that thought even if I only dream of living in the 90210. She truly is a legend.

This might be my favorite piece entitled A Friendly Visit, so friendly that it cost $220,000.  

Afterwards, I headed off to Drago's to indulge in their famous charboiled oysters.  I missed the opportunity to eat there last time, so I was not missing it this time around.  I headed to the oyster bar and plopped myself in a stool in between two couples as we all dove into heaping mounds of oysters, butter, and cheese. I was in heaven.  The guys behind the counter were busy shucking oysters while we ate and they slipped me two raw oysters that were divine.  I also mustered up the courage to polish off a crab cake smothered in cheese (like any good NOLA meal) and then waddled back to my hotel.

 Drowning in butter, it's my charboiled oysters.....

Drowning in cheese, it's my tasty crab cake!

The evening was even better than I had imagined and I am so glad I made the trip.  I figured this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Mdme. Gilot given the fact that she is 89-years-old.  I couldn't find anyone to travel with me, but I didn't let that stop me.  I came here, I feel at home, and I love this city.

Many thanks to Jill McGauhey for always making me feel welcome in the gallery and for introducing me to the art of Françoise Gilot.  I do have my eye on one final piece for a Gilot trifecta.


  1.  Looks like an amazing trip!  Surely once in a lifetime, and I love that about you... that you dive right in :)

  2.  Aw, thank you!  2011 is my year to just go for it.  I don't want to look back and have regrets.  xo 

  3.  Sounds like a great trip.  I like the Red Vest piece myself and the energy of Dancer Rehearsing and the hint of geometry in the white tutu.  Mdme. Gilot has a nice variety of style.  You really do make New Orleans so tempting.has a nice variety of style.  You really do make New Orleans so tempting.


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