Monday, May 9, 2011

A Day in Catalina

I was lucky enough to be asked to fill-in on a panel at the Santa Catalina Film Festival.  It was a great location for the inaugural film festival.  The island was once owned by the Wrigley Family and has seen many Hollywood scenes filmed there from Rosemary's Baby to Apollo 13. So, with an illustrious history and short 75-minute ride by ferry from Long Beach, it makes it the perfect place to showcase the arts.  I invited my friend, Maria, to trudge along with me on our adventure.  She kindly sat through my panel and afterwards, we hit the town.  A margarita, some gelato, and lots of hilarity ensued on our chilly, cloudy adventure.  Enjoy the photos and add this to your must-see list on your next trip to Southern California.  Thank you to the Santa Catalina Film Festival for hosting my trip.  I will see you next year!

If you missed the panel, you can view it again here.  It was live streamed by Stickam.

The Queen Mary (now a haunted hotel) in the Long Beach Harbor.

The Carnival Splendor docked in Long Beach.  They are famous for their Mexican booze cruises.

The casino in the Avalon harbor of Catalina Island......

And the panel begins......

Talking away on the Social Media panel for New Media Markets Convergence.....

Hanging downtown after the panel, you can tell it wasn't that warm.

Me and my pal, Maria......

We asked for a margarita.  Instead, we got a gallon of margaritas.  It was strong and it lead to a giggly trip through town.

 Avalon Harbor......

The architecture on the island is reserved for small, but quaint, bungalows that are built close together....(and yes, golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation.)

....or you have a larger home in the hills.  You can see the juxtaposition between the two types of homes.

 Can you spot the crab in this photo?


  1. If I can spot the crab... will you buy me dinner?? Too bad it was so hazy out there... we need to take sail for the weekend over!!

  2. crab giveaway this time!


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