Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Images of New Orleans

Before I go into all of my indulgent New Orleans photos, I wanted to start off by reminding you that life for many residents is divided into two time frames:  Pre-Katrina and Post-Katrina. In many ways, the people who came back to the city really wanted to be there and invested time, money, life, and love back into the city. They have a lot at stake, but Mother Nature always has other ideas.  What we see on the news is never the reality.  So, it's good to take a pause and think of the people who live in the flood plains or are picking up the pieces after the tornados in the Southeast, remember when you think you are having a bad day.....you probably are not.

Holocaust Memorial by the river......

A French Quarter delight for buttery, flaky croissants.....(Croissant d'or)

Ham and cheese croissant the size of my head.....

I wolfed it down in the cute courtyard behind the bakery....

What a treat to watch a traditional New Orleans wedding with the bride, groom, and all of the attendees dancing in the streets.....

A little respite by the rooftop pool at the Renaissance Arts Hotel in the Warehouse District....

My new Jessica Simpson shoes!

My hotel actually had a sculpture garden on the 2nd floor and an art gallery on the main level.  I loved this piece.

This photo made me laugh.  My glasses are crooked, I was cranky and hungry, and the street car was running way behind....

The Garden District.

A crawfish extravaganza!

Desserts from Sucré.....

You might recognize this house, it's from MTV's The Real World: New Orleans.   The new owners do not have the house number posted on the property and they have painted it beige to disguise it a bit from its well-known white exterior.  

I love my new maxi dress, but flip flops in the French Quarter leads to very dirty feet.  

One of my favorite streets in the Quarter.  I nabbed a similar photo during my March trip.


  1.  great photos; even the first one takes me right there...the architecture so suits the city. 

  2. Yes, you MUST go!  I know it's calling you.  :)


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