Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Glimpsed Launch Party

My "go-to" dress by Deborah Viereck with my ASOS clutch.

Last night, I headed to Venice Beach to the Hotel Erwin to check out the launch party for a new app called Glimpsed.  Glimpsed is described as "a new way to share the faces and the places that make up your social scene and define your lifestyle." You can rate photos, meet new friends globally, and check out the hottest places in your area.  The app is FREE and currently available on the iPhone.

The best part of the night was the scavenger hunt to find all 7 of the Glimpsed logos and take creative photos with the app.  My friend, Maria, and I eagerly attacked this project.  We made sure she looked like she "photo bombed" each snapshot as I posed with the Glimpsed eyeball.  Then the photos were uploaded and shared with all of the Glimpsed users, many of whom where celebrating at the launch parties in San Francisco and New York.  The most creative photos with all 7 logos wins an iPad 2.  Wish me luck!

                                              How fun is this?  Photo courtesy of Calvin Lee:
Many thanks to Melissa Rowley for the invitation to the party and to JD Piche for being a good sport and taking all of these absurd photos for us.  Even if we don't win, we sure had fun!

The only party where it is socially acceptable to have your nose buried in your iPhone.  Photo courtesy of Calvin Lee.

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