Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Coach Kristin Collection

 Kristin Spectacular Leather Willow Small Shoulder Bag in Silver/Grey Multi

I am no stranger to Coach bags, so I was thrilled to open my mailbox today and find a wonderful surprise from Coach:  a gift certificate!  Coincidentally, their summer offerings are from the Kristin Collection.  I think it was meant to be even if the spelling is just a bit off.  I picked out three different looks from the designer; two based on size and one based on color.  I like the small shoulder bag for those nights out on the town when you just want to carry your iPhone, ID, lip gloss, and keys.  I think the sunny yellow (Although I do have an ASOS yellow clutch already.) in the satchel is the perfect pick for summer.  Finally, the tote is ideal because I am often lugging a laptop, iPad, iPhone, makeup, shoes, and hair necessities all in one bag.   Which one should I pick?  Help me decide in the poll listed below.  You have until Monday, May 30th to vote. (As you know, my polls are always a bit tongue in cheek.

 Kristin Leather Satchel in Silver/Yellow

Kristin Elevated Leather Tote

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  1. I voted... and btw, I love the tote.  :) I carry way too much stuff, and I'm okay with that.

  2. Definitely the tote! Such a great color and style and you will use it ALL THE TIME!!! The small clutch is pretty darn cute as a second option, but you've got several clutches. The tote has your name written all over it! ;)

  3. Loving the Kristen satchel, such a bright hue for summer!
    xo Lynzywww.sparklingfootsteps.com


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