Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 5 Absurd Searches in February

I didn't have a chance to do this earlier in the month, but it is one of my favorite monthly posts.  What were people searching for at Red Carpet Closet in February?  Well, the usual absurd, wacky, and downright interesting searches were done all over the world wide web and they stopped here.  Thanks for coming by, your searches sure were unusual, and I will offer up a few links to help you find what you were looking for.

1. "Joan Rivers, Gay Swiffer":  Yes, after the SAG Awards, Joan Rivers did call someone a "gay swiffer".  That someone would be Angie Harmon.  Now, don't ever double cross Angie's fans.  They are called "twangles" and they have a lot of bite.  They love their Angie!  Read more about the "gay swiffer".

2. "Is Sandeep Parikh single?": I think my site is turning into a dating service since some of you were wondering about Charlie Bodin and Paula Rhodes of A Good Knight's Quest a few months ago. Well, I don't know if Sandeep is dating someone.  Let's ask....Sandeep, pipe in here!  If you want to know more about Sandeep Parikh, here is my interview with him about The Legend of Neil.  UPDATE:  Yep, he's single.  Ladies, line on up!

3. "Tuned out after Oscars F-bomb":  Okay, I understand, The 83rd Annual Academy Awards weren't the Oscars of your dreams.  Did the Melissa Leo F-bomb make you tune out?  The hosts?  The predictability of the show/awards?  Well, spice it up and read my behind the scenes take from the interview room at the show.

4.  "Where did Olga Kay get her gun dress?":  I love Olga Kay fans.  Each month they search for something new about their favorite YouTube star:  "Something serious in Olga Kay's life right now", "Olga Kay sneakers", "How tall is Olga Kay?".  Olga is awesome, learn more about her from my interview with her here.   We have an answer: BETSEY JOHNSON.  Thanks, Olga!

5. "Will the Oscars bleachers seats be cold this weekend?":  Geez, let me look into my crystal ball or direct you to The Weather Channel.  It was cold on the red carpet this year, so I hope you bundled up!  See my red carpet interviews from the Oscars or find out how you can register for the bleachers seat lottery for 2012.

Keep those searches coming because I already know March is going to be a good one with key words like "Is there a Mary Poppins bathroom at Disneyland?"  See you tomorrow at Red Carpet Closet!


  1. ha! i never get anything as good as those!

  2. I always watch. Thanks for the tidbits and insights.


  3. My key word searches are absurd. I look forward to them every month!


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