Monday, March 21, 2011

We Have A Winner!

I have been soaking up all of the magic of New Orleans the past few days, so I decided to take a short break from blogging.  It was exactly what a girl needed.  I will post all of my photos tomorrow.  In the meantime, we have the winner of our Summer Jasmines giveaway.  Thanks to, entry number 12 was the big winner!  Congratulations, Leah!  You are going home with a sparkly silver pair of Summer Jasmines, a black satin carrying case, and petite Summer Jasmines key chain all with a retail value of $98.  If you would like your own pair of Summer Jasmines, visit their site here.

Thank you all for entering as it has been a pleasure meeting so many new friends here at Red Carpet Closet.  I will do another giveaway soon, but I look forward to chatting with all of you.  Tomorrow's post features a taste of New Orleans culture.

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