Monday, March 28, 2011

The Black Swan Controversy

Earlier this weekend, I decided to stir up some conversation on my personal Facebook page (not my public page) and ask my dance friends what they thought about the Sarah Lane/dance double controversy surrounding the movie, Black Swan.  Little did I know, I unleashed the beast.  I received comments like the hilarious, "It's bloody Flashdance all over again!" to the downright unkind, "I'm sorry but no one cares about the doubles NO ONE!!" [sic].  The latter comment actually got me fired up because I DO care about dance doubles and Sarah's predicament.  I used to be a professional dancer and I know all about the hard work, dedication, and suffering on a physical and emotional level for very little pay. So, may I present my final thoughts on the subject:

                                                  My Starpulse Article....

One note, it is no secret that Natalie Portman is not my favorite celebrity, but I want to say that she has been very gracious towards Sarah and her dancing throughout the entire awards season process. So, let's not bash Portman because I don't think this is the underlying issue at hand.  Fire away, kids!

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