Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who Are You Wearing?

I received so many questions about my outfit and my overall look, so here is the entire rundown.  I joked that it took a village to put me together, but I wasn't kidding.  I am so grateful to the team that assisted me, not only for their time and patience, but for really helping me shine on Oscar Sunday.

Stylist:  Roni Binshtock:  You know I talk about her all of the time, but her talents are immense and she was with me every step of the way.  She even made a last minute decision to bring me a stunning gray Sans Souci wrap that I wore through most of my red carpet interviews. (It was cold!)

Hair: Ozlem Dalgic:  She has done my hair now for two Academy Award shows and the DGA Awards.  No one does it better.

Makeup:  Carolina Groppa:  This gal has held me together for the last month and I don't know what I would do without her.  (Thanks, Bonnie Gillespie!)  My makeup and lashes held for a marathon 14 hours and that is impressive in my book.

Dress #2 outside of the after-Oscar party at the Polo Lounge.

Dress:  Chagoury Couture:  Gilbert Chagoury and Marco D'Angelo loaned me the most beautiful gown with such delicate beadwork on the flower.  It fit me like a glove, I felt like a million bucks, and it had two front pockets that added to the comfort of the gown.  After the show, I was able to change into a short dress with draping and incredible trimming on the sleeve and strap.  Thank you, gentlemen!

Even in a goofy iPhone shot, that Charles Winston ring is divine.

  My beautiful Charles Winston bracelet to accessorize my gown.

And don't forget my Charles Winston earrings!

Jewelry:  Charles Winston: I worked with Charles Winston on air back in my ShopNBC days.  I emailed him asking to borrow jewelry.  He immediately said "yes' and he and his partner, Sandy McMillan, made sure I had everything I needed and more.  The cocktail ring alone drew so many compliments, I knew I made the right choice in contacting Charles.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the entire team because I could not have done it without you.  Your contributions to my big night were immeasurable.

Just a few more photos that show the incredible beadwork on my Chagoury Couture gown.....


  1. If I were a famous designer, and let's face it I could so be a famous designer, I'd put my logo on the front of the dress like Nike does with football jerseys, that way everyone would know who made it and people wouldn't have to ask the question.

    Also, since I live far from the glitz and glamor of big city life like LA or St. Louis, could you perhaps explain the job of stylist? I wonder if there is a wiki article on stylist?

  2. Kristyn, it is always a pleasure working with you. Your team worked very well with Sandy and I am glad we were able to help bring out the "star" in you! What about a Kristyn Burtt Collection, by Charles Winston???


  3. You are so pretty. Which celebrity flirted with you the most?

  4. Ha! Thanks. It was all business on Sunday night. No flirting, just fun.

  5. Thanks for joining me, Elle. It was a ride of a lifetime. :)

  6. So the stylist is the quarterback. Also, oddly enough there is not a wikipedia article for stylist. Thanks KB.

  7. I love Charles Winston Jewelry!!.. I enjoy my pieces!! Thanks Charles!!

  8. Charles' work is divine. I am glad you enjoy your pieces too, Pamela!


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