Monday, March 7, 2011

That's A Wrap: Oscars 2011

Okay, we have finally hit the one week mark since The 83rd Annual Academy Awards and it is time to put this show officially to bed........BUT NOT BEFORE WE ROLL MY FINAL VIDEO!!  The interviews from the red carpet:

If you missed my appearance on My Sentiment ExactLee where I discussed fashions on the red carpet, you can watch it here.

Also, thank you to Liz Kelly from the for including my photo with Oscar-winning cinematographer for Inception, Wally Pfister, in her article about Mingle Media TV and Break Media.

That's a wrap!  Thanks for all of your support, comments, and questions.  I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I did, I promise to bring you even more coverage when awards season begins in September with the Emmys.


  1. Mmm- I have to try those cookies! Go Rita Wilson!!

  2. Liked the variety interviews. Today is a good time to post this; I just recovered enough from a slight case of Oscar burnout to enjoy the wrap up. Thanks for sharing so much of your Oscar odyssey.

  3. Cookies for a Koz....try their red velvet cookies. They are amazing!

  4. And thanks for coming along! I can't believe it is over, but at the same time....I need a long nap. :)


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