Friday, June 18, 2010

University of Redlands

With my recent posts about The Tony Awards and the theatre scene in Los Angeles, I have received a lot of questions about theatre careers and education.  First and foremost, an education is key to any career including theatre.   There are many terrific options in California, but upon taking a closer look at the University of Redlands, I realized that there is a gem of a theatre department waiting to be discovered.  As a top California university, they have kept up with other competitive theatre schools with a state of the art performing arts facility that opened in February of 2010.  The new Frederick Loewe Theatre is a part of the 42,000 square foot facility with the inaugural production of the long running Off-Broadway show, The Fantasticks.  With this new Arts Center, the Loewe Theatre adds support to the long standing Glenn Wallichs Festival Theater on campus, which recently produced the play, Mrs. California, in April.

Curriculum in a theatre department is also a vital part of the education process.  Besides the obvious acting technique classes, it is important to be well rounded in the theatre arts.  The University of Redlands offers courses in Theatre Technology, Theatre History, and even Set Design.  This allows a student to explore both sides of the curtain before embarking on an arts career.  In additional to the core curriculum, students can also take advantage of internships with professional companies like the Sante Fe Opera and the Mark Taper Forum or participate in the Theatre Odyssey Program which “provides hands-on, in-depth encounters with artists and organizations that reflect the (1) cultural diversity, (2) theatrical innovation and (3) professional expertise unique to Southern California and that contribute to the students' engagement with best practices in the field”.

So, if you are looking to earn a university degree focusing on the theatre arts, make sure to add the University of Redlands to your list.  To find out more about the theatre department at this top Southern California university, click here to the College of Arts & Sciences

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