Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Squatters

This had to be the hottest night in Hollywood! Yep, it was the premiere of Squatters on Dailymotion at Capitol City. With tons of fans from the Heidi, Frosty, and Frank radio show in attendance, it made for a sizzling night. Did I mention it was hot? Yeah, if you notice from all of the shiny faces in this episode. It was a tough night for makeup (and my wilted hair!) on the red carpet. That didn't take away from any of the fun though. The premiere occurred at the same location as A Good Knight's Quest, so it may look familiar to you. The funny thing about the space at Capitol City for the red carpet is that it is a little glass-encased area, so I wind up spending a good portion of the night in what I have dubbed, "The Human Aquarium". People are able to see the red carpet interviews and wave from behind the glass as they are entering the premise, hence, "The Human Aquarium" moniker.
Interviewing Producer/Radio Host, Frank Kramer.
One really interesting aspect to this production was the show's tie to radio. Erik Scott Smith is a producer on the Heidi, Frosty, and Frank radio show on KABC 790 AM here in LA. The trio are a well-known radio team (I'm a huge fan.) in Southern California and to have them come out and support new media was a real treat. Frank Kramer invested in the series and he promoted the show on air throughout the entire process. It is nice to see all areas of entertainment working together instead of the mediums battling it out for viewership and ad dollars. Another thing this popular radio crew brings is fans. They have legions of fans that show up to any public appearances, so Squatters was no exception. The venue was packed!

Creator of Squatters, Brendan Bradley, and yes, I did make him sing a la The Legend of Neil. (It was edited out for time, bummer!)
Finally, Mathieas McNaughton, of Tubefilter wrote a lovely article about our episode with Squatters and he wanted to know why I didn't mention the craziest place I ever slept. It wound up on the cutting room floor, but for you, Matthieas, here it is: I illegally spent the night squirreled away in a secret room in the back of a Chinese run hotel in the middle of a monsoon on my way to Kanding (an area of Tibet). I would explain more, but I think that would ruin the mystery, right? 

Producer/Actor Cooper Harris explaining the challenges of shooting in a NY subway.
A big thanks to Cooper Harris for all of her assistance in getting The Web Files to cover the Squatters premiere and to our line producer, Jenn Page, and cameraman, Trent Ward, thanks for pitching in while Sandra and Perry were out of town. We couldn't have done it without your tremendous contributions that night.
If you missed the episode, check it out below, along with a bonus interview from the lovely Cooper Harris at the Streamy Awards:

Photos courtesy of Mingle Media TV.

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