Monday, September 30, 2013

DWTS Season 17: Week 3 Preview

It's Hollywood Night on DWTS tonight and there are already two injured celebs: Brant Daugherty and Bill Nye the Science Guy. It will be interesting to see how this plays out because Bill's knee looks really swollen and tender. I hope they are both feeling better soon. Brant's injury looks less serious, but how will both injuries play out in tonight's elimination?

Sharna Burgess is our guest this week and while we are sad to have her gone from the competition, we are thrilled to have her in studio with us at AfterBuzz TV. She's been a friend to our show since she was in the troupe and we are so happy to see all of her success on DWTS

So get those questions ready for Sharna by placing them in the comments below. 

Just a couple of things to remember:
1. Fan questions are a supplemental part of our show. We will get to as many as possible if there is time. AfterBuzz TV shows were reduced to 50 minutes this season because our studios are so busy and there is a show in our studio immediately following our DWTS show. 

2. If you are having trouble posting in the comments section, please clear your cache or the cookies on your computer. That usually does the trick!

Thanks! See you on Tuesday at 8pm PT on AfterBuzz will be a fun night!


  1. Hi everyone!!!

    Lots of love to the ABT team and Sharna!!!

    My question for Sharna is:
    Do you have any special rituals that you have to do before the show???


    P.S. (to Sharna) I am sending you some fan mail from Canada!! (Still in the making :) )

    -Emily Bennett #TeamSharkeyRULES!!

  2. Hi!!!

    I am a HUGE FAN of Sharna's!!!!!!!!!!!

    My question is: What (if any) are some of your hidden talents??

    Lots of love, Hailey!

  3. Made up a speed round!!

    1. Favorite songs?
    2. Favorite foods?
    3. Favorite games?
    4. Favorite movies/tv shows?
    5. Favorite pass times?

    1. Also for the speed round:

      6. Favorite animal?

    2. Another addition to the speed round:

      7. Favorite costume you ever got to wear?

  4. 1. How do you keep your celeb interested & motivated? How much of DWTS is psychologist vs. dance teacher?
    2, Which if the pros is the best "pure dance instructor"? (please, no P.C. 'They're all great' answer!)
    3. If you were a celeb coming on the show, who (other than "Sharna") would you like as your pro?

    1. One other question: if you had a choice between (a) a celeb with lots of natural dance talent, but not so much commitment, and (b) someone who really wants to be on the show, but isn't very good at it, which one would you choose and why?

  5. This is a really random question but:

    What would be the best Halloween costume (in your opinion?)

    I think I'm dressing up as (inspired by Sharna) the Queen of Hearts!!

  6. If you didn't like rock n' roll music, what would be your favorite genre?

  7. What is one thing that you like and one thing that you don't like about the new show format?

  8. Question: Do you feel your looks distract from your celebrity's performance? I know I couldn't pick him out of a lineup.

  9. What do you prefer: The celeb-riquarium or the glitter pit (sexy bus stop on week 1)???

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  11. merci for my birthday card and the tweet birthday Rachel


  12. What are your Strengths? and What Motivates you the Most?
    Positivity, passion, or determination?
    thanks vivi xxxx

  13. Miss you on DWTS! Your time came too soon! :(
    What do you do with your free time now that you got voted off? (Other then choreographing or dancing for the show.)

    Also, how are things with Paul?

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  15. bonjour jolie sharna

    my question is : When ( choreographer) you are in the establishment of a dance .. Is That You Have to drive only the dancers? All That purpose is happening around? for example musician, set designer, lighting designer ...? or is only the dancers for the show ?
    and Of all the dances you have created what is the one you're most proud of?

    merci/thank you very much

    bonjour to all ( team afterbuzz thanks kristyn )

  16. Hi Sharna, My first question is What is the best thing about doing DWTS? Love Trisha Solly your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnakey xxxx

  17. My 2nd question is If you had to choreograph a dance to one Michael Jackson song, What would it be ? Love Trisha Solly your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnakey xxxx

  18. SharnaBurgess, You don't know how much you mean to me, You truly are the best idol and inspiration anyone could ever ask for, Thankyou so much for everything, It all means so much to me, I adore you so much! Not only are you a phenomenal dancer and choreographer but you are also such a lovely and beautiful lady, I am so lucky to have met you 3 years ago whilst you were in Burn The Floor, I will never ever forget it! You really are such an honour to meet, You deserve everything good that comes to you, Everything you do you always make me so proud and whatever you do I will always be here to support you, Love and support you always, @Trisha_Solly your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey xxxxxxx

  19. Sharna I stay up all night just to see you on DWTS, I vote like crazy every week I even get my family and friends to vote for you, @Trisha_Solly your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey xxxxxxx

  20. Sharna , My 3rd question is, How do you get so perfect! ? I'd love to be as beautiful as you Love Trisha Solly, Your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey

  21. Hi Sharna, Kristyn and everyone else!

    I really love After Buzz TV, especially when Sharna is on! :)

    For Sharna: I am really sad to see you leave competition just after two weeks. I think you choreography is excellent, love it! You are my favorite pro on DWTS!
    And my question is: How did your parents decided name you Sharna? (Why not e.g. Liza, on, so on...)

  22. Dancing is one thing that pleases me and mesmerizes me a lot. It was about 2 years that I saw some youtube videos of DWTS (of some celebs I like) and really enjoyed it, but it was the All-Star Season that made me follow the full season show and since then I couldn't stop watched it. So, I can't say that much, but what I know who I like and who I don't every season and Sharna is one that got her spot in my heart since last season.

    Moving on here is my question to Sharna: As someone who really enjoys dancing, DWTS in especial, but a non-dancer, I know that people have to count music and different styles has different countings, so how do the pros "fit" like a Jive's counting into a one minute routine, for exemple? I just don't understand that.

    I hope I made myself clear (foreigner speaking lol), if not it's ok, I just wanna say to Sharna that she is an amazing talented and I wish all the best to her!!

    Bliss & Blessings,

    Geórgia, from Brazil ;)

  23. Toni

    -Last season in an interview Val mentioned that you were his female muse for dancing? Could you elaborate on what he was talking about? Do you guys just bounce dance idea's off each other?

    -What is the general consensus among the pros about the voting this season. Each night the audience vote from the previous week is added to the judges score from that night. So the judges can have the ultimate say in eliminations.

  24. Sharna, if you could pick your top 3 favorite dances of all time from DWTS, which would you pick?

  25. Hi Sharna, My 4th question for you is If you could describe Michael Jackson in one word, What would it be ? Also did you get tickets for his This Is It concert in London in 2009 ? I did, It would of been just phenomenal RIP Michael Jackson, Love Trisha Solly, Your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey

  26. Hi Sharna, My 5th question for you is You are my style icon, You always look so stunning!!!!, I was wondering where do you get your clothes from and who is your style icon ? Love Trisha Solly, Your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey xx

  27. Hi Sharna, My 6th question is What perfume o you wear ? Love Trisha Solly, Your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey xx


  28. Kristyn Burtt ignore the question before this I made a spelling mistake, This question I am posting now is the right one,

    Hi Sharna, My 6th question is What perfume do you wear ? Love Trisha Solly, Your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey xx

  29. Hi Sharna my 7th question is Out of all the seasons that you have been on in DWTS, Which was your favourite and why, Plus out of all the bands that have performed on DWTS who was your favourite, Including the bands you performed a dance to and choreographed for. Love Trisha Solly, Your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey xx

  30. Hi Sharna, My 8th question for you is if you could describe Keyshawn Johnson in 3 words what would they be ? Love Trisha Solly, Your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey xx

  31. Hi Sharna, My 9th question for you is, Will you be choreographing any dances or helping any of the remaining DWTS couples ? Love Trisha Solly, Your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey xx

  32. Hi Sharna, My 10th question for you is, Will you be coming back to London at all to do any dance events or shows ? Please say yes, I miss you so much! I hope I get to meet you again soon, It was such an honour meeting you all 3 times when you were in Burn The Floor in London in 2010, You truly are such a lovely and beautiful person to meet, Love and support you always. Love Trisha Solly, Your biggest UK fan who runs @SharnaBFans and @TeamSharnaKey xx

  33. Is there a song that you are just dying to choreograph to? if so what is it? Love the show you guys are amazing!! #teamJAKS #SharnasButt #FollowMeSharna!! P.S. Run the World is one of my all time favorite DWTS routines!!


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