Thursday, September 26, 2013

VIDEO: The Beat MS Dance Walk: Thank You!

A huge thank you to our supporters who helped us raise money for The Beat MS Dance Walk. Chloe West and I were inspired by Courtney Galiano's dedication and courage during her visit to our SYTYCD AfterBuzz TV show this summer. It was a fun day and we wanted to capture what we did with a lot of shaky camera work, but a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Thank you, Kaitlyn, Lois, Stacey, Michelle, my mom, and one mysterious donor.....we appreciate your generosity!

Here's the video...and stick around to the end for a few familiar SYTYCD faces!

To Donate to a great cause: The Beat MS site.


  1. one thing is loool you have heard throughout the stadium! lol you not go unnoticed! very funny video girls! love it !!!! great video xxxx


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