Saturday, September 14, 2013

DWTS Season 17: Week 1 Preview

We are just days away from the kickoff episode of Season 17 of Dancing With the Stars. It's been a long summer without you, but a big "thanks" to those who joined me and Jake for Season 10 of SYTYCD. We had a blast with some amazing guests. We are hoping to keep that tradition going with this season of DWTS.

The entire crew is back on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. PT this season: me, Suri Serano, Jake DuPree, Anna Trebunskaya...and one small addition: Baby Bump Trebunskaya! We are so excited for our co-host and her exciting new adventure.

Our first guest is locked and ready to go, so get those questions in for Julian Tocker, one of Season 16's troupe members. Questions go in the comments section below.

You can watch the show live here on Tuesday at 8 p.m. PT on AfterBuzz TV.

Our guest list is published here so you can mark your calendars for your DWTS favorites.


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  2. Yayyy im the 1st Thankx for having #MyDwtsCrush on but ssshhhh don't tell him that part lol
    Anyway hahaha Julz is you could pick anyone to be your partner when you become Pro bc you WILL who would you pick & why

    Att: @Aniushka (Quina)

  3. Hey julz just wanted to say I'm happy that you are back this season I'm going to do all I can to bug DWTS to make you & Henry Pros soon hahahah Bc yall are amazing & so talented.

  4. Congrats to Anna on the baby! I missed you and Suri during the summer! :D My question to Julian is: What is your most favorite moment as a troupe member last season?

  5. I am a HUGE fan of Anna's and I cried tears of joy when I found out she was pregnant :)! My question is for Anna lol: Are you thinking of any baby names yet? And are you hoping for a girl of boy?? Love you ♥ #Trebunskanite8

  6. Anna congrats on the baby!! What is it like being a member of the troupe? and if you were pro is there a celebrity you would absolutely love to be partnered with? why? #FollowME #teamJAKS #teamDWTS

    which has the best performance was dancing couple for you on dwts?
    kiss julian from France yeahhhhhhhhh ViVi
    kiss jake xxxx suri and anna and baby ....... also xx

  8. First of all, I'm so excited for this season of DWTS afterbuzz! Love the show! Also, CONGRATULATIONS ANNA! You are definitely one of my favourite pros of all time. My question for Julian and Anna is what was your favourite moment you've had so far on DWTS?

  9. Question for you lovely people at afterbuzz: Did anyone get some SYTYCD nostalgia during Amber & Derek's cha cha? They danced to the same song that paul,jenna,brit&alan danced to in the meet the top 20 episode. Amber was on FIRE!!!

  10. Its 12am here but I don't care bc I get to see Julz Ps thanks for following me on twitter & My question is Blonds or Brunettes hahaha no seriously What it like going from Australia to LA (I'm told its two different worlds)

  11. Hello everyone!! So glad DTWS Afterbuzz is back!

    First of all, I don't know if it was just me, but that opening dance was just like the one on SYTYCD. SYTYCD finished a week ago. That dance is way to fresh in our minds. :S

    Have to say that I was very impressed with the entire cast last night. It reminded me of season 14 (marias's season) that everyone had a really high standard. Have to say that NO ONE impressed me as much as Snookie!! Not a Jersey Shore fan but I have to say I loved her and was expecting the "hot mess" on the dance floor. As a Derek fan, of course they killed it, but I'm a little worried that they got such high scores on the first show. Hopefully people will remember to vote despite the scoring.

    Can't wait till Afterbuzz :)

  12. Hi all! First off I just want to say how happy I am that AfterBuzz for DWTS is back, you guys always have such great insight to the show.

    My question is for Anna. I'm excited for the addition of Emma and Sasha as new pros, since they have paid their dues on the troupe and are completely qualified professional ballroom dancers. However, based on last night's opening and individual performances, it is clear to me that Tyne is NOT a professional ballroom dancer. She looked very sloppy and amateur dancing next to Peta in the opening pro number. Her lack of proper ballroom technique in her partner dance was very obvious and I think it will be a disadvantage to Bill Nye and his training. I just want to know your thoughts on why you think she was chosen as a pro, over someone like Witney or Chelsie Hightower who are clearly trained ballroom dancers.

    Thanks so much, excited to see what this season of AfterBuzz has in store!

  13. Julz what is your favorite thing to do on your days off (Ps hope someday you can come to Puerto Rico bet you will love it its summer all year around)

  14. Now that I am on here let me ask Anna. Suri, Jake & Kristyn how about yall make my night and follow me on twitter hahahaha


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