Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dance Chat With Kristyn Burtt: Episode 2

It's episode 2 of Dance Chat! It's such a big week in dance: SYTYCD just wrapped up, DWTS begins and the Primetime Emmys are next weekend. In addition to all of that, I will be participating in the Beat MS Dance Walk with Courtney Galiano and also covering Kristin McQuaid's dance performance with several SYTYCD alumni.  

Here is the breakdown on the episode
SYTYCD: 1:16
Primetime Emmys: 1:44
DWTS: 4:14

The question of the week: Do you like having Contemporary on the first week of DWTS or do you think it should be traditional ballroom?

Google Hangout: Let me know if you are interested in doing a Google Hangout about the Broadway documentary Every Little Step. If 10 or more people say "yes," then I will make that happen!

Links from the episode:

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  1. I totally agree about contemporary (and jazz). I like that they added it in because it broadens the show up, but I wish they'd wait until like week 3 to do it. Learning one of those styles is SO different from ballroom and if they're spending those first 3 weeks before the show starts on contemp, are they going to be very unprepared for week 2 when ballroom hits for the rest of the show?

    and yes! I'm 100% in for the google hangout. Let me know where I can get the doc to watch and I will :)

    1. Awesome on the Google Hangout! I know Amazon has the streaming version of the doc. I want to give you guys a few weeks to watch it. I will schedule a date after this crazy week...DWTS and Emmys!

  2. I really don't like contemporary being apart of the first few weeks , I prefer that they stick with ballroom dances. If they want to diversify the dances during the first week I think they should have the couples do salsa, cha cha , foxtrot or viennese walt for their first dance.

    1. It seems like a lot of you agree. It will be interesting to see if Contemporary fits better this year in Week 1.

  3. hi lovely
    I understand thank you thank you for not talking too fast you are awesome
    the best xxxxx

    1. Glad you understood. I speak quickly.

    2. frankly its going! lol there was worse! ahahaha thanks for me xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. This season contemporary in the first week might be okay because I think each of the couples can handle Christina/Mark, Elizabeth/Val and Corbin/Karina. But each season is relative. I remember last season some of the contemporary just didn't fit. I remember thinking that watching Kym & Ingo and was like....."why...why...why???"

    Overall I agree with you that if they insist on having should be later on. You have to have some sort of emotion connection to really sell a contemporary number. Other dance styles you can fake...but not so much with this dance style. I think it's hard to have an emotional connection to portray this dance style in the first week. Maybe a certain level of trust and vulnerability that might not be there very early in a dance partnership.


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