Monday, September 9, 2013

AfterBuzz TV SYTYCD: Final Results Preview

I cannot believe we are down to the very last show of So You Think You Can Dance. Season 10 has been such a great ride for all of us on AfterBuzz TV. Before we bid goodbye and before Jake and I head off to Dancing With the Stars for Season 17, we have one final guest for you. It's another fantastic All-Star from Season 3, Neil Haskell. So get those final questions in for our last show.

If you missed the fan questions from tWitch and Allison Holker, click here.

Most importantly, who do you think will win this week? Fik-Shun or Aaron? Jasmine or Amy?

Also, the AfterBuzz TV crew is supporting Courtney Galiano's Beat MS Dance Walk on Sept. 22. If you would like to donate to the cause, you can find our team page here.


  1. What has been your favorite routine from this season? (for anyone really!) and what has it been like being an all-star/being called to be one? #WhosGonnaWin #teamJACK my wednesday nights will not be the same without you guys, until next season! #crossingmyfingers!

  2. Hi! it's Malaak from Saudi Arabia (you might remember me Kristyn haha) anyways my questions for Neil:

    1. where is the coolest place you've been to
    2. do you have any pets?
    3. What was the last movie you saw?
    4. If u weren't famous what do u think your job would be ?
    5. where do you see yourself 20 years later?

    totally random questions, hope they're not too much! XOXO

  3. In DWTS, where contestants gain more money week by week as they progress, does the same thing happen in SYTYCD or is it just 1 final $ prize for the winners in the end?

    Can you describe what you expect the contestants to bring to the dance floor when they are paired with all-stars(level of technique, personality, etc)
    Also, is there one style of dance that you have not yet learned that you would be willing to give a shot?



  5. Favorite dance that you did on the show, ever?
    Dance that you wish you had danced but someone else did?
    Favorite choreographer and dancer to work with?
    Favorite Broadway show of all time?
    Favorite character in a broadway show that you would love to play someday?

  6. Who are your stand-outs from this year's auditions that you wish they can come back next year and make the top 20?

    PS: Did you know that Amy was dancing on "kind of a fracture" foot? :O

  7. Loved Bring It On: The Musical...was Steven the original role you auditioned for? Randall?
    Any funny memories during the show's run? Cast member you were closest to?

    Your ultimate "dream" gig?

    Out of all the SYTYCD seasons, which would you have wanted to be a part of (besides season 3)

  8. is it hard to stay in shape as a dancer, and what are some good core exercises?

  9. what do you do when you aren't an allstar or dancing? do you teach classes?


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