Thursday, September 5, 2013

AfterBuzz TV SYTYCD: tWitch & Allison Holker

Oh, what a night! This was a dream come true for us at AfterBuzz TV. We were so excited to have tWitch and Allison in the studio. I wish I could share all of the texts between me, Jake, Chloe and AJ. It was kind of like Christmas morning when you were three years old.

I'm here to tell you that these two are the real deal: nice, funny, totally in love and incredibly talented. They are great ambassadors of dance and they represent SYTYCD so well.

We ran out of time for fan questions, so I audio-recorded them. I hope to have it up here on my site by this weekend. Stay tuned!

One thing you might not know about our group of hosts is that we all really like each other. After each show we hang out in the studio on the couches and chat about anything and everything. Last night, tWitch and Allison joined us for over an hour. We had a blast and I promise you...we were loud!  It was a fun night.

If you missed the show last night, watch it below. One more show left. Next week, it's All-Star Neil Haskell.

If you haven't seen Allison and Derek Hough's Emmy-nominated dance pieces, click here.

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  1. Fun show. I so love the enthusiasm you all have for this wonderful show. I am so happy I came across your show this year. I loved seeing Twitch and Allison interact. He seemed to allow his other half to speak more which is both gentlemanly and sweet. I enjoyed hearing their thoughts. Thanks for taping their answers to the questions that you ran out of time to air during the episode. Wow to Allison's remark about her leaving dance following the birth of her child and to the manner in which she was encouraged back by Jeff Thacker. I thought it was a very good sytycd finale show. A couple of routines (primarily the ballroom numbers could have been better and I am sure with more time would have been). I personally, in spite of the issues, preferred the Samba to the Tango/Paso number but that is me. I think it is a very tight race among this final four and I could make cases for the win for them all. Personally I prefer to watch Jasmine but certainly recognise Amy's talents and will be happy if she pulls off the win too. I can't choose between the young would be so cool for Aaron to win but Fik Shun also has that draw when he is on stage and his solos are the best. Fun. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. Thanks to you all for sharing your thoughts and dance knowledge each week. You've helped fill the hole the now defunct sytycd results show left for me. Oh and add me to the viewers who preferred the old stage and not the Atomic pumpkin as we like to refer to it here. :) Cheers and thanks again to you all. Is Jake trying out for the show next year (if, crossing fingers, it is renewed again)?


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