Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AfterBuzz TV DWTS: Sharna Burgess

Sharna Burgess was back with us and it's always great to have her insight. She gave us the inside scoop on Keyshawn Johnson and his disinterest in the show during Week 1. I think we all felt it, but Sharna vocalized it. It's too bad he caught on for Week 2, but it was already too late. Happily, she will be back dancing in most of the opening numbers for the rest of the season and in a few pro dances once more contestants have been eliminated.

We've been focusing a lot on content this season which I think is the right thing to do with so many qualified dance contestants. Are the pros choreographing enough content? How should this be judged? This week we talked about the Charleston and the Quick Step. I know a lot of you had questions about what we saw on Monday night. I think Anna and Sharna did an excellent job breaking down those five performances for us.

Sorry for the technical difficulties with the live broadcast, but the show was captured without any issues. So enjoy the show and let me know who you think is going home this week.

This might be the greatest screen capture ever....what is happening between Sharna and me at this very moment?


  1. ahahahah love the capture hihihi

  2. Fun show gang. Sharna is a great guest, loved listening to her thoughts and comments. Well you have probably caught this since airing this episode but you are right in thinking and noticing that Bill Nye was trying to say something (and recuse himself from the competition) on Monday night. He states he was but need not have as he was the one going home and that is why perhaps Tom did not stop to listen to him at that point. I do love Tom as the host...so quick witted. Bill could not dance so all in all this was the person who should leave. I did find him very entertaining and found his dances more interesting than the judges did. I know he was not a great mover but he was fun. Ugh love Valerie and her beautiful grateful spirit and even moreso her wonderful partner. Her dancing however the last two weeks has been fraught with issues and she loses timing often. I am so impressed and enamoured with that way Tristan is with her. What a good and caring young man. His watching her that one week brought tears to my eyes. I want so much for Elizabeth to have a moment. I sense her trying but so far she is not pulling it off. I felt she lost rhythm in her dance this week. I was surprised at how positive the judges were but again I think they were trying to be encouraging. She does need it I feel. She has potential. I also could not understand the disparity in scores between Brant and "S"Nicoles dances. LOL to your thoughts on why this may be. Hee hee. Even more to Sharna reaching for a phone to text and get the scoop on whether this pair are truly flirting and interested in one another. I was happy that fact wa snot played on this week. I was a little uncomfortable watching the package the first week for them. Love Jack......he seems so sweet and tries. Bill Engvall is a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed his number. Snookie/Snicole is a revelation and I love her growth. What a cutie. I worry a little about the sliding scale judges commentary on Amber and Corbin. They are both very good and while not perfect and deserving of pointers I struggle when others who don't dance as well mistakes are glossed over. A slippery slope judging wise (at least as I see it).! It reminds me a little of the animator dancers on sytycd dances and the judges. A fun show both on Monday and your recap is always worth viewing. It took me a few days to get to it this week (busy). Thanks.

  3. it is hard to vote this season ... they dance all very well I think .. I think I vote for the couple that gives me chills, and the magic of the moment ... for originality.
    I love Valerie .. she is a fighter! it is wonderful to see.
    having lived for two years with cancer my mom I know she has Punt its people suffer! tristan is so adorable! I can not help but give votes even if the technique is not perfect! tristan bravoooooo you are wonderful for valerie

    kristyn your show is always fun and you're all endearing oven ... do not change anything! always the simplicity and joy


  4. It sounds rude after few weeks don't come back to thank about you guys, once again, for picking my question to be answered in your show. But, I had some health issues to settle and then a lot to catch up before this moment. So, thank you very much, Krystin, especially for being Sharna who answered my question, she's in my top 3 female pros of DWTS. It's not only the great comments about DWTS and feedback that you guys have to add to the show itself, but the way you treat your viewers that motivates me even more to be a fan.

    Bliss & Blessings!!!
    Massive love from Brazil

    PS: I'm waiting for you guys to come and visit me in Brazil! Who knows I can be useful to Extra sometime, maybe on the Olimpic Games? ahaha #Dreamer


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