Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dance Chat: DWTS Judging

Let's chat about Dancing With the Stars voting. I'm frustrated and I know I'm not the only one. For some reason, Len has decided to take his TV antics to another level. We talked about it on last week's AfterBuzz show, but some of you think we are only bringing it up because it involves Derek Hough. That's actually not the case. It's not fair when it's done to any pro whether it was Maks or Val or Anna, who talked about her own experience in our Week 6 episode. In fact, I personally think Karina was the pro most battered in scoring by the inconsistent judging last week.

I don't even want to single out Len on this because Carrie Ann is also guilty of inconsistent scoring when it comes to lifts. It's all or have to judge all pros the same. With the direction these two are going, the dance is becoming solely about the pro and not about the celeb.

I have no problem with the pros being judged on their choreography since I believe their creativity and talent can bring out the best in their celeb. If the pro has an off-week in the studio, the celeb usually does. Look at the difference with someone like Leah in Week 5 versus Week 6. A better choreographed routine makes a world of difference no matter how strong the celeb is as a dancer. With that said, the celeb also needs constructive feedback each week to know how they can improve. The judges need to find a balance somehow. Right now, Bruno is looking like the only rational one on the panel. How is that even possible?

Since I'm not the only one who has been frustrated by the judging panel this season, I was brainstorming about how to fix this mess outside of the obvious thought of getting new judges for the show.

1. If you want to stick to ballroom rules, then require the pro to follow certain guidelines with each dance. The list of elements would also be disclosed to the judges and the viewers. This would cut down on the inconsistent scoring since the judges and the pros would know what to follow.  I also think this is a boring choice.

2. Have DWTS finally admit that the dances are a freestyle version of ballroom and other forms of dance. Allow the pros to imagine a dance to its full potential instead of worrying about Carrie Ann calling out a lift or Len arguing over repetitive movement. This idea makes me more excited about what all of the pros could come up with. You want to get nominated for an Emmy? This is a direction that has limitless potential.

While neither of these options will ever be executed, a girl can dream.

As for this week's surprise announcement, I'm going for a guest judge. Maks would probably be a good guess. (And he is in LA right now...hmmm, wonder why?)  It would also balance out the Julianne/Mark/Derek factor with the Dance With Me Studio crew.

Let me know your thoughts on the judging issues on would you fix the show?

See you all on Tuesday on AfterBuzz TV!


  1. ITA about the judging. I have read (maybe CAI's blog) that the rule about lifts was to keep things on a level playing field for the celebs who are older or celebs who are not as physically able to do freestyle-like routines. I think full on guidelines would be boring as well, but maybe if we knew how many bars of music the dance style has to be performed to in order to be considered "enough" would help.

    1. It totally makes sense with the lifts...Valerie Harper wouldn't be doing the same lifts as Snooki. I just wish this nonsense would end. I feel like Week 4 was the last time Amber received any feedback from Len.

  2. I actually would like to see a breakdown of the various elements involved in each dance. As someone who knows next to nothing about dancing, I would find it very interesting and educational. Each week they usually feature one or two styles, splitting it up between the contestants. Before the first dance perhaps they could do a demonstration package explaining highlighting the elements and what to look for. I know that would enhance my interest and enjoyment in watching the show. Right now I mostly watch for Sharna's outfits. :)

    1. That's really not a bad idea. Even figure skating and gymnastics sometimes break down a particular skill to the audience, why not DWTS?

      Sharna's body is flawless. I don't blame you.

  3. I started really watching several seasons ago. The first few seasons I really wanted to pull my hair out. Week to week the "script" changed depending on whatever the storyline/arc was. I am less shocked/outraged this season mainly because the show follows the same formula and I've seen this happen every season. Anna & Evan...Karina and Ralph Machio and just about every pro through the years. I am at the point where I just shrug and chalk it up to drama the show is trying to create for ratings.

    I think your ideas are great but I don't think this show will ever attempt to become MORE transparent. The judging may have more to do with the producers. Plain and simple I think they want drama and outrage to get buzz which equals more viewership/more voting.

    I think if there was a demo of each dance and couples got scored based on execution of elements the show would become very predictable. Corbin would have been getting 10's from week 1 and what incentive would people have to watch if they know he's going to win after the 1st episode?

    I think this is mid season drama. However, like Anna said sometime after week 7 they start actually scoring correctly. I gave up on thinking this show would actually be fair and logical awhile ago. I try to enjoy it...ignore the judges when they are acting crazy...and vote for my favorites.

    1. Totally ideas will stay just that..ideas. This season put me over the top though.

      Definitely looking to see if Anna's theory pans out beginning this week. She's a wise one, so I look forward to seeing what happens.

  4. I dont know if you watch it but when LEn is in the UK on Strictly Come Dancing he is nothing like he is on DWTS. He seems to enjoy it much better idk if its just for TV but he is actually the nice one you should check it out maybe he should just stay over there???

    1. Richie, did you see the article where he was asked if he had to leave either SCD or DWTS, he would leave DWTS? It was a joke question, but I don't think he was kidding on the answer.


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