Wednesday, October 9, 2013

AfterBuzz TV DWTS: Henry Byalikov

Suri did a great job of leading the way last night, but I missed being in studio with the crew. I know Anna and I have a tough schedule this month and we are going to keep missing each other. However, I am glad AfterBuzz TV is allowing us to join by phone. Even if it was all the way from Canada, it was worth it to join the discussion. A big thanks to Henry Byalikov for stepping in again as our guest!

I will be back in studio next week and our guest is Gleb Savchenko. This will be his first appearance on DWTS on AfterBuzz TV, so I think it should be a great night in the studio.

We didn't get a chance to discuss it, but what did you think of the opening number this week? I am a fan of Ray Leeper's work, but this didn't hit the mark. The contestants were introduced in a lackluster way and the number didn't use the stage well. I did like the judges coming out from behind the desk to join the fun though.

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