Wednesday, October 16, 2013

AfterBuzz TV DWTS: Gleb Savchenko

It was happy to be back in studio just in time for Gleb Savchenko's visit. We tried really hard to get him on with us last season, but it just didn't work out. He offered some surprisingly honest critiques during the show. I love it when we have an unfiltered guest because it makes for a waaaay more juicy show.

With some many hot topic from Monday's show like Christina's exit, Len's "7", ringer conversation from ABC and weak choreography (I was probably the harshest on this particular dance.), we didn't even get to talk about the East Coast voting issue. I am interested to see how ABC handles it for Monday's show. Will it affect the final outcome for elimination?

Next week, Toni Basil is back with us on the show. If you didn't see her with us in Season 15, oh's going to be fun. Toni is a no-nonsense kind of gal. You are in for a treat! I will be joining the crew by phone, but Anna will be back in studio. Anna and I seem to be rotating with out-of-town gigs, but everyone will be back together for our Oct. 29 show.

If you missed the show, watch it below. Thanks for making us AfterBuzz TV's No. 3 show of the week!

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