Sunday, October 13, 2013

DWTS Season 17: Week 5 Preview

We have a first-time guest in studio this week, Gleb Savchenko. We worked hard to get him on AfterBuzz TV last season, but the schedule didn't work out. This season, we are able to make it happen!

It should be an interesting week with the stars dancing to the theme "The Most Memorable Year Of Their Life." While most of us on AfterBuzz predicted this would be the week that Brant would go home, I heard from a few of you that were ready for Christina or Leah to exit. That's what makes this season pretty exciting. It's unpredictable in way that keeps me riveted to each episode.

I'm back in the studio this week after working in Toronto. I believe Anna is out of town though (I will double check), but hopefully, she will join us on the phone.

You know what to do with the questions, put them in the comments below. I will see you all Tuesday at 8 p.m. PT on AfterBuzz TV.

Just a couple of things to remember:
1. Fan questions are a supplemental part of our show. We will get to as many as possible if there is time. AfterBuzz TV shows were reduced to 50 minutes this season because our studios are so busy and there is a show in our studio immediately following our DWTS show.

2. If you are having trouble posting in the comments section, please clear your cache or the cookies on your computer. That usually does the trick!


  1. About DWTS opening dance choreographed by Derek Hough. (Gleb is dancing in?)

    Twitter: "Henry Byalikov ‏@HenryByalikov 9 Oct
    Hit the studio 2 work out some stuff for nxt weeks opener choreographed by @derekhough Dude ur a legend to work with Going to be HAWT! #dwts"

    1. Yes, Troupe and Pros dance in opening number each week. In fact, Tyne is back this week after her knee injury, too.

    2. So how was dancing in Derek Hough opening number...?

  2. bonjour to all question is :

    When you dance, your body has a story it is useful at this moment to be a bit player/actor? Or emotion must always be real thx

    thanks kristyn ..ViVi ...GLEB hello in french ? lool

  3. falling on a black-out improvisation of a movement it is possible, improvised choreography? what are the skills required at this time? has absolute confidence in his partner? - Creativity, perfect knowledge of different technical - Solid nerves? ...

  4. Hi Gleb! (And the entire AfterbuzzTV cast!) My question to you is: How is the pressure different from being in the troupe and being a pro? Can you same something that is harder to do as a pro then a troupe member and vice versa (ex: teaching, choregraphing...)? Thank you!!

  5. Hi Gleb!! What has been your favorite group routine to dance in? and if you're pro next season is there a star you're hoping joins the cast and is your partner? Love the show guys!! Its always great hearing what you all have to say! #TeamJAKS #ELIMINATIONSHOCKER!!

  6. Does anyone in the afterbuzz team think Nicole & Sasha's dance wasn't as "jazzy" as it could have been. She hit every move perfectly, but I felt as if Sasha could have given her a bit more challenging choreography. Loved the dance, just wasn't demanding enough for me.


    1. Also, does anyone find it strange how at the very beginning of the show they announced that a female would be could tell by everyone's faces it was a MAJOR shock and I would guess nobody wanted to know that info at the start of the show :/

  7. Looking forward to the after show...things are really getting interesting! Every week is going to be a shocker.

    For me, a lot of this season has been about chemistry and the connection of partners. As there are quite a few contestants with dancing experience and then a handful with personality and charisma for days, the playing field almost feels even (what those contestants lack in scores they make up for it in votes). For example, Snooki and Sasha's "awkwardness" (for lack of a better word) I find endearing and funny in that he seems somewhat confused by her and enjoys slightly making fun of her without her catching on right away. Somehow, and I can't believe I'm writing this, they have become my favorite couple this season (or at least top 2)! I NEVER thought that would happen. Then you move on to someone like Elizabeth and Val (who I was rooting for before the season started) and I just find a not fun way. I don't know if it's the visual aspect of her being too tall for him or her intensity but something is just always off for me.

    I don't know whose idea the SBTB theme was but it was smart because it kind of drew the attention away from their partnership and everyone just enjoyed the cheese factor. Elizabeth looked like she had the most fun all season! but I thought, technically, it wasn't her strongest. If they had to pull the SBTB card already though I wonder what that means for the rest of the season.

    Which leads to the age old important is chemistry when dancing, especially on a television show like DWTS? Can it be created? As a pro, if you don't feel the connection, what can you do to work around it?

    Looking forward to hearing what Gleb (and the rest of the crew) has to say!


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