Thursday, August 1, 2013

AfterBuzz TV SYTYCD: Spencer Liff

What a show! I think I learned more about SYTYCD dance in this hour than in the last two seasons of covering this show. Spencer Liff gave us a real insider's look at the pressures the choreographers and the contestants are under. It's a time crunch each and every week. Doesn't it make you admire the work everyone puts in even more?

I hope you all take note of Spencer's career because you are going to hear his name a lot outside of SYTYCD. It's really exciting to see choreographer's emerge from this show. It also makes me excited to have Lindsay Nelko on as a guest on Aug. 14. We will get the opportunity to talk to someone who is just breaking out.

I have also updated our guest list for August, it's a great line-up this month and I like the variety that we have.

Finally, it was definitely time for Alexis and Curtis to exit, but I think this is going to be a great stepping stone for them. They both said they wanted to head to New York to Disney's Newsies. I hope to see them on the Great White Way soon.

Watch the show below or you can download the show in iTunes here.


  1. Thanks guys and gals. I really enjoyed listening to all your viewpoints on the show and loved hearing from Spencer Liff. SYTYCD is my favourite show and I have watched every episode from every season. This is probably the first season however that I have yet to decide on a favourite at this point. There are a group of dancers I enjoy more than others but no one is a clear cut winner for me at this time. I feel badly that Mackenzie keeps landing in the B3 because to me she has not had a poor showing yet. I do understand why Jenna has landed in the B3 a few times and sadly her edit is not flattering many times. It sounds like she is in real life (from the viewpoints of Mollee and Spencer) almost exactly the opposite of her edits. Hopefully they will capture her true essence better in the future. That HH this week however was not not great but I don't think if they land in the B3 that either of them should be ousted yet. I too could see and be fine with Malece leaving. I would be a little sad to see Alan be ousted this coming week as I feel he is a great partner and there is no way Malece would have looked anywhere near as decent as she did in the Salsa if it weren't for him IMO.

    1. Thanks for watching! We really had such a good discussion with Spencer. I think we hit a lot of topics we have missed in prior episodes, so I am glad we were able to cover them.

      I like that there are several favorites in the Top 6 or so. It makes for a more interesting season for the audience. I really do like Alan and think he's capable of more...I just wonder if it is too late....

      I do think it's Malece's week to go unless the judges decide not to save Makenzie, but that's not what Nigel wants. Hmmm...

    2. I loved this one. I haven't been keeping up with this show and I'm going to go do it now!

    3. Thanks, Tess! We loved having Spencer on our show. He's amazing.


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