Thursday, August 15, 2013

AfterBuzz TV SYTYCD: Lindsay Nelko

What a night! So much to talk about and so little time. I am thrilled that this season of SYTYCD has brought such incredible talent. These kids are going to work a lot once they are off the show and done with the tour.

Lindsay Nelko was a great addition to the show. I wish we could have done an after, after show where we talked about her mentors Brian Friedman and Desmond Richardson. It was actually Richardson who recommended her for the show, but it's Friedman's The Pulse tour that got her noticed. We also had a personal discussion about being a young artist in the business and honoring commitments including making sure you understand the business part as much as the creative part. It was fascinating.

I want to thank Shannon Mather for talking to me on the phone about how she felt about her piece and what she on the show this week. It really does seem that "Medicine" is a popular piece for choreographers this year. She and Travis Wall are fine, so it's not a controversy. I know she really wants to choreograph for the show, so let's support Shannon and Travis. I think we cleared everything up on her end for the viewers.

Shannon Mather's Piece
Kristin McQuaid Piece
Travis Wall Piece

Finally, we have some great guests for the rest of the season. I hope you join us through our last show on Sept. 11. I know Jake and I will be rolling right into Season 17 of DWTS which will begin on Sept. 17 at 8pm PT.

You can download the podcast here.

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