Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AfterBuzz TV SYTYCD: Top 6 Preview

I think the cat is out of the bag and most of you know who are guest is this week. Yep, Courtney Galiano! She's returning to our show for the second time after making a visit last season. Courtney's story is amazing and she's an inspiration to us all. If you missed her All-Star appearance with Tucker on SYTYCD last week, make sure to watch it before our show on Wednesday.

Courtney recently has been a principal dancer on VH1's Hit the Floor and helped organize the upcoming 1st Annual The Beat MS Dance Walk on September 22. There's a lot to talk about! So get those questions in for Courtney at the comments below.

Watch us on Wednesday on AfterBuzz TV at 9pm PT right here.


  1. Hi Kristyn! I absolutely love the afterbuzz show being from the UK I cant watch any of the fox clips and backstage videos so i love being able to get some of the gossip from you guys!! Also the guests this year have been absolutely amazing! my fave so far is definitely spencer and his wise critiques and opinions on the show! So excited to hear what Courtney thinks of this years SYTYCD she is such a inspiring and talented person and dancer!!

    My question is that in season IV (the best season ever) Courtney and mark danced the original sonyah piece being the amazing garden routine! I wondered if she thought any of this years routines will go down as being some of the iconic sytycd pieces?

    Megan :)

    1. Hi Megan! We have had so much fun with the guests this season. I agree with you, I think Spencer has been my favorite episode so far, too. He's smart, nice...and cute! Thanks for watching. :)

  2. Hello Courtney! What has been the toughest part of the show as an all-star and as a contestant? What's the difference? Thank you! (and thank you Kristyn for these amazing guests each week!!)

  3. Hi Krisytn,

    Thanks so much for making such a great discussion show on So You Think You Can Dance. I look forward to it every week and you guys play off of each other so well. It's really thoughtful but fun :)

    My question for Courtney goes along with what happened last night and what has been happening this whole season. In the real dancing world, would injuries or mistakes (like Aaron missing his connection with Melanie) cause company directors to fire the dancers? Or would they be excused like they are on the show? I truly adore Aaron but I wonder how his mistakes and injuries would be treated in a job setting. (And by the way I love you, Courtney! You and Gev were the cutest ever!)

  4. Just wanted to say how much I LOVE tuning into this podcast every week. It's so refreshing to have both non-dancers and people with dance backgrounds share their insight on this show. You're always guaranteed to get a good laugh out of me!

    Now my question for Courtney:
    I commend you on overcoming your battles and getting back on the dance floor. One would not even know its possible to display that much confidence out of one body! Since completing the show, what has been your greatest accomplishment career wise?


    really what I love! energy, emotion, very beautiful

    MY QUESTION IS: during a sudden fatigue or find you the energy needed for continued the dance ? What that allows you of you exceed ...
    pleasure to be with each other ,sharing ,other...?

    thank you from france always ....by by at you all



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