Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1st Annual Geekie Awards

NASA JPL Mars Curiosity Rover team

 The 1st Geekie Awards were held on Sunday at The Avalon Hollywood with a sold-out crowd celebrating the best in geek culture. The night was conceived by actress and producer Kristen Nedopak who works in the genre. She's well known for her web series, The Skyrim Parodies, so creating the awards show was a natural fit for her.

Kristen Nedopak

The show was hosted by Alison Haislip who ushered in the inaugural awards show to great fanfare. However, the big highlights of the night were reserved for the honorees. Stan Lee accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award from Seth Green while the Geek Cred Award went to the NASA JPL Mars Curiosity Rover team. Also receiving an award for Geek of the Year was Nathan Fillion who was not in attendance, but accepting on his behalf was GoDaddy's make out king Jesse Heiman.

 Stan Lee and Seth Green

Here's a list of your Geekie Award winners:

One Pumpkin to Rule Them All… for Best Geekie Arts & Crafts
COLONUS for Best Geekie Comics & Graphic Novel
The Goon (on Darkhorse Comics) for Best Geekie Crowdfunded
A Podcast of Ice and Fire for Best Geekie Podcasts
The Nerd Machine for Best Geekie Retail Store & Website
Undying Love for Best Geekie Short Film
The Record Keeper for Best Geekie One Shot
Cosplay Piano for Best Geekie Web Series
Takenoko for Best Toys & Games

 Stan Lee with Jesse Heiman

Stan Lee on the red carpet with Kristyn Burtt

Photo Credits: Joe Lester, BNatural Photography


  1. Sounds (and looks) like a great mix of science, comics and fun : )

    1. It was fun. I think this show has the potential to get really big!


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