Thursday, August 22, 2013

AfterBuzz TV SYTYCD: Audrey Case & Matthew Kazmierczak

This competition is tough and getting tougher. In the YouTube comments, someone asked me who I thought would make the Top 4. This is when the fan votes are strong and the judges don't have any say.

Here are my Top 4 picks: (based off of FAN votes, not who I want in the Top 4.)

Men:                        Ladies:
1. Paul                     1. Amy
2. Aaron                  2. Hayley

Sadly, my picks send Fik-Shun and Jasmine home. If my picks turn out to be true, I hate the thought that Jasmine is going home. All three women are incredible dancers. I would prefer to see Amy and Jasmine as the last two standing. On the men's side, if I am correct, I think it's time for Fik-Shun to go home. He had an incredible run and I've really enjoyed watching him on the show this season.

A huge thanks to Audrey Case and Matthew Kazmierczak for joining us in studio this week. I love that they are still friends after their season. Having former contestants on the show always gives us more and more perspective on SYTYCD. The stress, the excitement and the injuries are all a big part of each season, so I'm happy we've had some great guests to give us that insight.

If you missed our show last night, watch it below:

Don't forget to let me know your thoughts on this week's show in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Audrey Case


  1. I have to comment to let you know how much I enjoy listening and watching to you all recap and discuss sytycd each week. I adore this dance show (my favourite tv show) and honestly your show which I only became aware of part way through this season is something I look forward to viewing now and has kind of taken the hole for me left by the loss of the sytycd results show. Some of you even dance the intro which is fun to see. I love the enthusiasm you all have for dance (even when not versed in the terms AJ). I think I liked Twitch and Jasmine's number a little more than most of you did. I loved in a show when the pieces can get heavy emotionally that Twitch brought in fun. I felt Jasmine matched Twitch very well and I watched them both. I loved Mark's choreography. To be honest I really enjoyed the different feel these All Stars brought to the show with their choreography. Having watched the show every season I do feel the need for fresh eyes and thoughts out there in the choreography. I mean no disrespect to the great choreographers and routines that we have seen but sometimes I feel like I have seen things before. This weeks show was great. Favourite routine for me was Travis' and I really felt Amy moved to another level performance wise for me in this. I have always admired her dancing, power and she has been part of some very good routines but her performances were becoming a little one note for me and her perma dance smile came across as somewhat lacking in authenticity and had bugged me at times. Not this week. I really was annoyed by her performance a few weeks back in the cafe with Fik Shun. I felt she portrayed that all wrong (danced well though even with the slip). I think I would now give her the edge over Hayley whose lines I prefer to be honest but performance wise does not quite stand out as much to me as Amy and Jasmine. I really enjoyed watching her dance with Dmitri and her lines are lovely but I totally understood Jenna's comment about her letting go more. In group numbers I rarely notice her and see Jasmine and Amy more. I think they just are better performers not that Hayley has done anything wrong. The guys are a toss up for me as each young man has their strengths and I like them all for differing reasons. None are perfect. Versatility wise I think Paul and Aaron have the edge over Fik Shun but Fik Shun has a light that draws me in and his solos are the most engaging for me of the final 3 (Paul has not performed one during the season but I googled and watched some of his Armenian ones). Anyway I hope they are all stay healthy and dazzle us next week. I am so happy to listen and watch fellow dance lovers discuss this show. So thank you and Kristyn I love your dance knowledge. You are a walking dance encyclopedia and if you don't know something you quickly google it and find out. I love those insights. AJ your speaking voice is very pleasing to my ears. Thanks to you all for sharing your thoughts each week. :)

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your awesome comments. We have worked really hard this season to develop a solid roster of guests to make it fun for everyone. We just love doing the show.

      In regards to your comments on tWitch and Jasmine...I think if this had been a Top 20 routine, I would have liked it more. Where the stakes are so high right now and the talent is so good this season, the number has to be something we haven't seen before. I love both tWitch and Jasmine, but I think they've shined brighter...BUT their talent is amazing.

      If Hayley took her beautiful lines and technique and performed with reckless abandon, she would be unstoppable. I think Jenna gave her a very useful comment. She may not understand it now as a young dancer, but she will understand that note later in her career.

      I have to say the talent is so strong this season that next week's Top 6 show is going to be TOUGH.

      So, thank you for watching, we so appreciate your support.
      xoxo Kristyn

    2. You are sooo sweet and we all adore you for being such a big fan of SYTYCD as well as our After Buzz recap! I'm glad to hear my voice is so pleasing to your ears, even if I don't know what I'm talking about half the time. Lol. Keep tuning in, it's going to be an interesting conclusion to an exciting season!


      AJ ;-)

    3. Ha ha.....yes you do know what you are talking about even if you lack the dance language of the others. As you yourself stated you know when something grabs you and that to me is what art is all about. I am not a dancer (was a gymnast when younger) so I too lack such knowledge but like you I know when something grabs me or moves me. I do like it when some of the dance language is sprouted as I learn something. LOL to your HH language play in the last recap. That had me giggling. I agree with Kristyn when stating we have seen better from Twitch and Jasmine but this was in my top 3 routines of the night irregardless. It's OK not to agree...we like what we like. Thanks again to you all for this fun show and discussion of dance. Love it. I have learned a lot from your guests and enjoyed learning more about them. I so loved Chehon last year so I was excited to hear more from him on your show. What a sweet guy he seems to be. I hope Aaron's shoulder is up to these next few weeks. I guess however this is the lot of a dancers life. I too was surprised his injury was not mentioned by the judges. Did he dance in the opening number? I will have to check that out. I recall mainly Jasmine and Amy and of course tucker was in the weird outfit and Fik Shun swang. I digress. Thanks again guys. I will look forward to your next show after this tough top 6 week.

    4. Chehon was a great guest, wasn't he? We have 3 more weeks and I'm so excited that we have 4 great guests to finish out the season.

      Aaron did not dance in the opening number. He was given the option to dance or rest. He chose to rest his shoulder.


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